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NaBloPoMo No Mo’

Alas, poor November, we documented it well.

We were a little sappy about Poppy and Pete.

We reminisced about the small traumas of childhood, both Grandma-induced and borne of our own weird imaginings.

We also, of course, talked a lot about food, from pot roast to pork loin.

We went on a photographic tour of our day, and we discussed what the future of “Stranger Things” might hold.

It’s been hard to kick the daily blogging habit after National Blog Posting Month in past Decembers. We’ll see if that stands true this year or if I drop it like a hot rock. Either way, thank you for joining me on my annual 30-days-of-blogging adventure. It’s been a good and wordy month.

A resurrection story

So here’s a fun and wacky story:

Quite a while back my laptop computer died, and the computer fix-it shop said something like “Sorry, it’s dead forever” or “Sorry, it’ll cost $4,826 to fix.” I don’t remember exactly what the diagnosis was, but it was costly enough that I shelved the laptop and called it a day and eventually bought a new, pretty terrible laptop that was then stolen out of my car by brigands in Kentucky.

So anyway, last week we were doing some decluttering and there was the old, dead laptop. A new computer fix-it shop had opened near our house since the original laptop death, and I thought “Hey, maybe they’ll give me a different fix-it price.” So I took it over there and dropped it off, and a few days ago they called and said, “Uh, yeah, it just needs a new battery and some memory. It’ll be way less than $4,826. Should we fix it?

“Uh, yeah,” I said. “Please do.”

And so now I’m typing this to you from the blogger’s natural habitat: The couch. (From which I’m also watching the best episode of “Gravity Falls,” the Dungeons & Dragons episode titled “Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons” with Poppy. #GiggleTimeBouncyBoots)

Welcome back, slow old laptop. You’re still old, but you’re functional and a little less slow.

A timeline of culinary misadventures

1989. The time when I didn’t know how to cook but my little brother was hungry so I made him Every Spice In The Cabinet Soup. It was terrible, but he ate it and pretended it was good.

1997. The time when I didn’t know how to cook but I wanted to make dinner for Rockford and my little brother so I made a chicken-broccoli casserole recipe that I found on the back of a can. It was terrible, but they ate it and pretended it was good.

2001. The time when I didn’t know how to cook but I needed to make dinner for Rockford and myself and all we had in the house were potatoes. I tried to make potato soup, but I only used potatoes, water and pepper. It was terrible, and we did not eat it.

2002. The time when I tried to make stuffed shells with goat cheese. They were terrible, and we ordered pizza.

2009. The time when I tried to make a vegan meal and it used every pot and pan in the house. It was terrible, and we ordered pizza.

2017. The time when I nearly cooked a spider in the rice. That was tonight, and I fished it out in the nick of time.

What’s your most memorable kitchen disaster?