A handy-dandy guide to the Butterscotch Sundae nation

Nichole has been writing on the internet since the early 2000s. She really, really likes the internet, and she thinks you’re pretty great, too.

What is Butterscotch Sundae about?

You remember that time on “Seinfeld” when they were pitching the TV show and George said, “Who says you gotta have a story? Remember when we were waiting for that table in that Chinese restaurant that time? That could be a TV show.” That’s what Butterscotch Sundae is about. Except it could be a blog post instead of a TV show, because Nichole is camera-shy.

Nichole cooks a lot, so she writes about cooking. The Butterscotch Sundae children were homeschooled for 11 years, so she used to write about homeschooling. And then there’s all that other stuff that goes on, too.

Butterscotch Sundae is our story.

The Butterscotch Sundae Family, April 2014
The Butterscotch Sundae Family, April 2014

Who are those people?

Nichole is a homeschooling mother of two who enjoys cooking (and eating), reading, writing, watching copious amounts of television and thinking about getting a dog cleaning up after her two elderly cats. She has recurring dreams about doing mundane things with celebrities, specifically shopping in Paris with Justin Timberlake and discussing “Infinite Jest” with Mark Ruffalo.

Nichole is married to Rockford, who chose his alias based on an abiding love of cheesy television. Rockford loves movies, music and golf, and he’s the World’s Greatest Dad — even though he doesn’t have the mug to prove it. Yet.

Rockford originally wanted to name their first child Poppy, but Nichole vetoed it. Because of the author Poppy Z Brite, whose obviously made-up name irritated Nichole in her younger and more-irritable days. His wish, however, has been granted here at Butterscotch Sundae, where their daughter goes by the same obviously made-up name. Only without the ‘Z’ or the ‘Brite.’ Their Poppy enjoys reading, “Stranger Things,” rejecting fruits and vegetables, doing tae kwon do and making her mother laugh daily. (We don’t know what Poppy Z Brite enjoys.)

No one wants to name their second child Stinky Pete, but that’s what Poppy called tomatoes back in 2007, when her brother was born. And that’s funny, so we said it frequently in those days. So the poor boy was thus dubbed. We dropped the “stinky” as he grew less so. Pete enjoys green peas, beans of almost all varieties, robots, superheroes, Legos, dancing and hugging his mama.

Why are you doing this?

In 1994, 15-year-old Nichole entered a possibly-prestigious regional writing competition. She and a host of her peers were chosen to attend a writing retreat or something at a nearby college. Nichole doesn’t remember much about it, but she knows that it took place the weekend of June 14, 1994, because when she came home everyone was talking about OJ Simpson.

Anyway, that’s why Nichole has a blog. Because once upon a time someone told her she was a decent writer, and man did that ever stick. She’s loved writing ever since.

OK, fine. But it’s called ‘Butterscotch Sundae.’ Where’s the ice cream?

The blog’s name came from a throwaway line in “The Royal Tenenbaums” wherein Margot noncommittally orders a butterscotch sundae. Nichole once loved ice cream passionately, but then she discovered that ice cream didn’t love her back so now she can only eat non-dairy ice cream. She doesn’t eat much ice cream these days.

I want to send you a Camaro. How do I do that?

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