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The best-laid menu plans

I’m having my gallbladder removed on Wednesday, so dinners this week are a bit up in the air. Here’s my plan, but I’m going to be out of commission and sipping broth for most of the week so it may actually be Taco Bell every night.

Monday: Chicken Tinga Tacos
This is from a Blue Apron meal kit, which I will tell you all here.

Tuesday: Barbecue
My dad is in town for a few days, and there’s a very strong chance we’ll be going out for barbecue because that’s his favorite thing to do.

Wednesday: Jello and broth
Well, I’ll be having clear liquids. My sister-in-law is delivering dinner for the rest of the crew.

Thursday: Frozen pizza
It’s Poppy’s favorite meal!

Friday: Breakfast for dinner
The kids always enjoy a Rockford breakfast night because he makes all the foods.

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The weekend of a lot and the menu plan that followed

I've never braved the ski lift that runs from end to end at the fair, but based on the pictures other people took from its terrifying heights I might try it. Next year. Maybe.
I’ve never braved the ski lift that runs from one end of the fairgrounds to the other, but based on the pictures other people took from its terrifying heights I might try it. Next year. Maybe.
Which exciting story of our weekend would you care to hear? The one where we spent hours and hours at the soccer fields? The one where we went to the fair with a gaggle — a herd? a pack? a pod? a convocation, crackle or charm? What is the appropriate collective noun in this instance? — of homeschoolers? The one where I went to the grocery store alone? The one with both sleepovers and birthday parties? Or perhaps the one where I hurt my back whilst emptying the kitty litter?

As you may have surmised, it was a very busy weekend. I think that, instead of telling you any of those riveting tales, I will share with you our menu plan for the week and go back to my heating pad.

Monday: Chicken Parm Meatballs
It would seem that I’m on a Rachael Ray kick again. Her Chicken Parm Meatballs are the first of two RR recipes this week. We’ll have them with orzo and a salad.

Tuesday: Tacos
Taco Tuesday, but with more avocado and less kragle.

Wednesday: Chicken & Dumplings
Remember when my dad was coming to town and he wanted chicken & dumplings so I put them on the menu again? We went out to eat instead. He’s stopping by again after spending the weekend at my brother’s house, though, so here again are the chicken & dumplings.

Thursday: Out?
We’ll probably go out, but we may just have cereal instead.

Friday: Pizza
Screamin’ Sicilian frozen pizzas are (1) delicious and (2) usually above my self-imposed frozen-pizza price-acceptability guidelines, but they were super-crazy on sale this week.

How was your weekend? I hope it was fun and free of feline-related hijinks and/or injury.

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Hoping the meteorologists are on target

Monday: Hawaiian chicken

Rockford is the primary pineapple fan in our house, and he wasn’t even here when we tried this the first time. I think he’ll like it.
Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday: Red beans and rice

I made a large pot of red beans and meat a few weeks ago, and I have two meals’ worth still in the freezer. So this will be a super-easy meal.

Wednesday: Cheeseburgers

The Weather Channel tells me we’re supposed to have nice weather on Wednesday. I’m hoping they’re right, because I’m planning to grill these.

Thursday: Grilled tuna

And Thursday is supposed to be even lovelier than Wednesday!

Friday: Undecided

I’m going to be trying Bikram yoga on Friday evening with a friend, so Rockford and the kids will be dining without me. It’s also known as “hot yoga,” apparently, because the room is heated to a ridiculous temperature. I would not be surprised if I passed out.