Minutiae: A pictorial journey through a Tuesday in November

Today I had the timer on my phone set to go off at regular intervals to remind me to take a picture, because it’s #OneDayHH day on Instagram. OneDay is the brainchild of former blogger Laura Tremaine, and it calls for participants to chronicle small, everyday moments throughout one full day. I did it last year. Poppy said she really enjoyed the post, and I love taking pictures. So I did it again this year, too.

Here’s what our day looked like:

9am – Keep Your Germs to Yourself

10am – Homeschooling in Progress

11am – A New Distraction

12pm – Long Overdue

1pm – Not Nutritionally Sound

2pm – The Car Was Not in Motion

3pm – Kickin’ It

3:30pm – A Lovely Surprise

4pm – Cat Pants are the Best Pants

5:30pm – Go Away, Cold

6:30pm – Not Lemon Chicken

7:30pm – Games and a Cat

9:45pm – I Used Way Too Much Honey

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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