Mighty List

Places to Go & Things to See
  1. Take the White House tour.
  2. See Wilco at the Ryman.
  3. See Wilco in Chicago.
  4. Tour Graceland.
Things to Make
  1. Mozzarella.
Things to Do
  1. Karaoke.
  2. Pay for a stranger’s dinner.
  3. Be an extra in a movie.
  4. Send surprise gifts to 5 friends for no reason. (1/5)
  5. Write a short story. Let someone other than Rockford read it.
  6. Get 50 massages. (lifted from Leslie)
  7. Write a children’s book.
  8. Host a summer movie series in the backyard.
  9. Take saxophone lessons.
  10. Try out for our local community band.
  11. Learn to knit. Make something I’m proud to have made.
  12. Teach Poppy to ride a bike.
  13. Teach Pete to ride a bike.
  14. Come up with at least 100 items for this list.
Flights of Fancy
  1. Be debt-free.
  2. Touch a beluga whale.
  3. Hug a sloth.
  4. Feed a giraffe.
  5. Attend Camp Mighty.
  6. Go to Italy with my niece.
  7. Take my dad to Alaska.
  8. Spend a week in Paris with Rockford.
  9. Spend a week in NYC with Rockford.
  10. Take a cooking class in Beijing.
  11. Take a vacation in the Seychelles.
  12. Spend a long weekend at Blackberry Farm.
  13. Commission a portrait of Poppy.
  14. … and one of Pete.
  15. Visit Belgium.
  16. Visit Ireland.
  17. Visit Australia.
  18. Spend a week at a family summer camp.
Around the House
  1. Make our bedroom a beautiful, serene place.
  2. Renovate the basement.
  3. Decorate Pete’s room.
Long-Term Projects
  1. Take portraits of 25 people I love. (6/25)
  2. Go on 15 family hikes. (2/15 complete)
  3. Buy 5 pieces of original art. (1/5 complete)
  4. 35 random acts of kindness (5/35).
  5. Watch all of the Academy Awards Best Picture winners. (35/85)
Completed Items
  1. Shake hands with the president of the United States. // “The fulfillment of a dream I didn’t even know I had,” 04/18/15.
  2. Commission a portrait of Marsha T. Cat.
  3. Unpack every last box.
  4. Take down the wallpaper in the master bathroom.
  5. Take down the wallpaper in the hall bathroom.
  6. Help my youngest brother get into college.
  7. Buy a great pair of boots.
  8. Take the kids to Disney World. // “An exhaustive look at our trip to Disney World,” 08/22/12.
  9. Grow my own vegetables. // “In which I grow something for dinner,” 05/2012.
  10. Get a manicure. // “Experimenting with food, fingernails and fashion,” 01/08/12
  11. Upgrade my wardrobe. (Fewer T-shirts.) // “Experimenting with food, fingernails and fashion,” 01/08/12
  12. Make Sizzling Rice Soup. // “Experimenting with food, fingernails and fashion,” 01/08/12
  13. Make Butterfingers, 11/09/11.
  14. Make cream soda.
  15. Spend a night on a train. // “And Then I Came Home,” 08/03/11. (It wasn’t overnight, but it was an 11-hour train ride. I’m counting it!)
  16. Buy a house. // “Home is Wherever I’m With You,” 08/08/11.
  17. Work on a Habitat house. // “I Almost Made a Blister on My Thumb,” 03/22/10.

(Rockford made a list, too! Here it is!)