In which I give in to my desire for stuffing

Hello friends! I hope you had an excellent weekend. We did a lot of house cleaning, raked our yard and helped Poppy rake the neighbor’s yard and made Trisha Yearwood’s Slow Cooker Pork Loin for Sunday night dinner. It was all-in-all a very nice weekend.

For no particular reason, this week I have crafted a menu plan that involves me not making dinner for the first two days. C’est la vie, say the old folks. Here’s what’ll be on our table this week:

Monday: Out
This probably would’ve been Chipotle night, but I’m currently boycotting Chipotle for charging me something like $2 to add black beans to Pete’s quesadilla. I could’ve bought a whole can of beans for less than that, Chipotle. Anyway, I’m not sure what we’ll have but someone else will be preparing it.

Tuesday: Breakfast For Dinner
Rockford recently marked his 10th year of employment at his workplace, and they honored that by giving him a waffle maker. Actually, they gave him a digital catalog and said “Here, pick something,” and he picked a waffle maker because he loves waffles. And he has been all about waffles since it arrived. So he’s making WaffleDinner on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Baked chicken and stuffing
I’ve been yearning for a bowl of stuffing and gravy recently, and while I know The Annual Celebration of Stuffing is nearly upon us I decided not to wait. But I didn’t want to serve just stuffing for dinner — even though that may be all I eat — so I’m baking some chicken, too.

Thursday: Tacos
We could (and often do) have tacos twice a week every week and be happy. Maybe not healthy, but happy.

Friday: Pizza
I went out of my way last week to find a store that sells Amy’s Vegan Margherita Pizza, and it was legitimately delicious. Or maybe I’ve just forgotten what cheese tastes like. Regardless, I’m having another one this week on pizza night.

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4 thoughts on “In which I give in to my desire for stuffing”

  1. My boy loves tacos (and breakfast for dinner), but it always seems to throw him off when we have Taco Wednesday or Taco Friday. He thinks tacos are really meant for Tuesdays.

    And what the heck, Chipotle??? I haven’t eaten at the one near our house yet, but I would probably scold them if they charged that insane amount for beans.

  2. I love love stuffing. I’m all about Stove Top all year round, but never seem to really eat it. I’m glad you’re giving in. No need to wait a week!!

  3. This sounds like a great meal plan to me. I really like breakfast for dinner because it’s super easy, the kids LOVE it, and I make sure to make extra for breakfast the following day.

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