Sure-fire indications that I am old and/or boring

Things I Have Googled Recently

My sister-in-law posted something disparaging on Facebook about the return of the culotte, and I couldn’t remember what they looked like. I am, for the record, neutral on the subject. They would look terrible on me — as would everything else on Zara’s culotte page — but perhaps they’ll be stunning on you. And even if they aren’t? Go ahead and wear ’em if you like ’em. They look comfortable, and that’s all that matters to those of us who adhere to the Mrs. Roper Guide to Style.

Do you still need to put an address on your resume?
The answer is: No, you do not.

Deadly Australian animals
There are a lot of them, and Poppy didn’t put any of them on her poster of Australia for World Geography because they freaked her out.

Dairy free scalloped potatoes
I can’t decide whether or not they’d be worth the trouble. I make give the Just a Pinch version a try anyway.

whole-house dehumidifier
They’re expensive. Time to start a savings plan.