Some people call Pete the space cowboy

It’s a good thing that I procrastinated on making any progress on that awesome dinosaur room for Petey, because he’s changed his mind about it. I’m OK with that, though, because there are also some lovely options for his new choice: Space. My sister-in-law Mrs. Perry Mason found a “Blast Off” bedding set on deep clearance at Target, so the decorating has actually sort of begun!

John W. Golden’s Happy Bear and Hirsute Hedgehog have been in Pete’s room since he was a wee babe. I don’t think it would be a good idea to deface them with spacesuits, though, so I think we might replace them with this set of four rocket prints ($48). Because he really can’t have a room without something by John W. Golden, right?

Pete wanted to paint his room a dark, dark blue. It’s a gorgeous shade, but his room isn’t on the sunniest side of the house to begin with. We compromised by painting one wall his color. And that deep blue wall is just begging for some cool decals. Graphic Spaces’ Rocket Boy decals are pretty much just what I’d like to see there. At $70, though, they might remain something I’d like to see on the wall.

The previous owners of our house put floral switchplaces in our bedroom. They also put one in Pete’s. The one in our room will probably stay there for a good long while — mostly because they installed it upside-down, and I find that weirdly charming. But Pete isn’t really a floral kind of kid, so we need to change it out for him eventually. There’s a good chance I’ll end up getting a Plain McCheapo model, but I’d like to spring for this rocketship switchplate from Metallum Creations. At $20, it wins the Most Likely to Be Purchased award.

My boy is steadily marching toward becoming a 4-year-old, but that doesn’t make him too young for teddy bear art. Especially if the bear in question is an intrepid space explorer, like Sharon Mathieu’s polar bear ($25). I like his heart-shaped head.

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  1. My youngest son has a space themed room! He’s 12 now, and it has evolved nicely through the years. You can print out images from NASA website, of planets and such. Print 2 images of a planet, flipping on of them so it’s reversed, then glue them together with a piece of fishing line in between, and hang them from the ceiling, using the light as the sun. Or make a mobile! NASA also has a great image of the space station!

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