What, no George Clooney?

Our recent turmoil drummed up some “air ambulance” ads from google. Sort of funny, and yet … not funny at all.

Rockford is feeling better, and I’d say I’m at about 80 percent. But Poppy is still throwing up — not every time she eats or even every other time. Randomly, about once a day, she’s been tossing back an entire feeding. She doesn’t seem to have a stomachache (she smiles before and after), but it still tears at my heart every time. There seems to be a lot of feeling helpless (and worry and heartache and gnashing of teeth) involved in this parenting thing. For me, anyway.

License to Ill part 2

Oh, what a night. It started with a lovely, restful trip to the library (intended to give Rockford a break) and ended in the emergency room. Intrigued? Read on!

Poppy napped from about 4 until 6, during which time I sat in a comfy chair at the library and read a book. Just as we were about to leave, the cell phone rang. It was Rockford — sort of. It sounded like just-awakened-from-a-very-deep-sleep Rockford, but he had called me. Thus I deduced that something was wrong.

He said his hands were numb and that he’d been throwing up since we left. I told him to call 911 and to keep me on the phone until the ambulance got there. I started to high-tail it home, but the paramedics got there, checked him out and told me they’d be taking him to the hospital. We turned around and headed that way. And beat the ambulance to the hospital.

I was, you might have guessed, a little bit panicked. I held myself together pretty well, I though, until I called my in-laws. But I pulled myself together and soldiered on. Until I called B and Rachel to ask if they could watch Poppy.

Finally, Rockford and the ambulance arrived, and I found out just what was going on. Dehydration. They gave him some fluids via an IV, and that was that. We were there for a good long while, and Rockford (once he was lucid; he passed out in the ambulance) got to watch a basketball game on ESPN. Don’t ask me what it was.

And then there was the Adventure of the Prescription. I’ll just say that I’m amazed at how many people have their prescriptions filled at 11pm.

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