Worlds of fun

She may be a little behind schedule, but Poppy is all set for Halloween with her fashionable cat hat.

Marsha models her new T-shirt for JJ. He is not impressed.

For years (and years and years and years), Rockford’s dad has requested Oyster Dressing at every holiday meal. And until the waning hours of 2005, he was denied. I had intended to make it for Christmas dinner, but we had oven-space and closed-grocery-store issues. I have to admit, the Oyster Dressing was pretty darn tasty.

My take on the Mad Chronic of Narnia

To start with: TCON is not just LOTR for kids. The two films can’t help but be compared given their subject matter but to call The Chronicles of Narnia as just the lite version of LOTR is to degrade a very good film. “The Chronic” is fun, exciting, and most of all it uses interesting and well drawn characters to tell the most important story ever told. The only mark I can find against the film version of TCON is, astonishingly, the effects. The story stands on its own and the characters are timeless but given all the money spent on this film (upwards of $180 million) the effects fall flat in places. However, this small setback is not enough to hamper the film as a whole and in most places the effects are truly amazing (such as the final battle scene). Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone and feel confident in my recommendation.

"The Chronic-" what?

We finally got to see “The Chronicles of Narnia” this week. It didn’t feel overly long (I’m talking to you, “King Kong”), and for the most part the special effects were really well done. There was only one scene that screamed “blue screen.” But because Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and friends (and foes! indeed!) were so amazing, I can over look that. And Tilda Swinton was a chilling (ha ha! get it?) White Witch. Little Lucy was adorable, and Peter looked pleasantly similar to Prince William. Oh, and Jim Broadbent made a fantastic professor.

Two thumbs up!

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