One-week retrospective

We’re having a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon. Rockford and Poppy are watching golf, and I think I’m going to finish watching “Junebug” in a bit. I’ve watched the first 44 minutes, and I haven’t decided yet whether I like it.

Poppy had her first bowl of oatmeal today. She liked it (even though it wasn’t made Grandpa-style). She tried peaches yesterday and, from what I understand, wasn’t a fan. So far she prefers peas and carrots to apples and peaches. Who is this kid?

Oatmeal, Grandpa-style
Bowl of oatmeal
1 pint half and half
1 cup Splenda
3 cups raisins

Stir half pint of half and half into oatmeal with raisins and Splenda. Eat slowly. Add additional half and half with each bite.

Now with 50% more Redford

A tiny, tiny portion of the Internet has spoken, and I hereby pledge to answer its call.

In 10 of the past 12 months, searches for some derivation of “The Candidate” have brought people to I’m not sure why people lost interest in the movie in September and October 2005, although a “Robert Redford” did pull in someone in October, so I suppose that counts.

Our traffic isn’t so high around these parts, so I’m going to make an effort to mention “The Candidate” more often. Maybe I should try to get Rockford to write more movie reviews, too. The Internet loves movie reviews.

Petty grievances

  • I’ve never heard Trace Adkins’ “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” but I hate, Hate, HATE the song’s title. I can’t imagine that I’d feel any differently about the song.
  • I’m already sick of “I can’t quit you” jokes. Have I lost my sense of humor?

    Sars at Tomato Nation is so much better than I am at articulating irritation:

    “Why does every movie not have a story editor whose sole duty is to utter the phrase ‘people don’t talk like that’ until all the unrealistic dialogue is pressed out?”