It’s not Monday, but here’s our menu for the week anyway

A photo of the White House kitchen from the National Archives.
A photo of the White House kitchen from the National Archives.
Sunday: Butternut Squash Lasagna
I’ll try just about anything that includes a butternut squash puree, because it’s the one vegetable that Poppy will eat willingly. Rockford’s cousin posted a picture of her butternut squash lasagna a few days ago, and it looked and sounded so delicious that I made it for Sunday night dinner. I couldn’t find the amaretti cookies the recipe calls for (yes, there are supposed to be cookies in it), so I just added a little sugar and a splash of almond extract to the butternut puree.

Monday: Kung Pao Chicken
One of my very favorite meals is PF Changs’ kung pao scallops. I don’t like cooking seafood, though, so we had kung pao chicken instead. The recipe I used calls for “velveting” the chicken. It’s a method that includes coating the meat in egg white and cornstarch and then briefly poaching it, and it makes for a more tender protein in your stir-fry. It’s worth the extra steps.

Tuesday: Pizza

I believe we’ll have a wood-fired pie from our favorite local pizzeria. The last time we were there they had an autumnal pizza with butternut squash, gorgonzola and pancetta. It sounds a little weird, but it was exceptional. I’m looking forward to seeing what their special is today.

Wednesday: Chicken sausages and macaroni & cheese
We never had this last week.

Thursday: Cheeseburgers
Pete wants cheeseburgers every day, for every meal. He’ll be very happy on Thursday.

Friday: Ribs
We bought a large pack of ribs at Sam’s Club when my dad was visiting recently, and I have a few racks in the freezer that I need to use. I usually make Alton Brown’s No Backyard Baby Back Ribs, but I’m thinking about switching it up and trying a Korean marinade this time.

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  • Rachel

    What kind of chicken sausages do you buy?

  • I have never heard of velveting chicken. I’ll definitely be trying that the next time I make stir fry. I’ve never have butternut squash but the lasagna sounds like something I would like.