The Terribly Tardy Bakers Challenge

I’ve been doing the Daring Bakers Kitchen challenges on and off (OK, mostly off) since 2008, starting that October when I made pizza dough and it was delicious. Between October 2008 and the middle of 2009 I tackled the unbearably delicious Caramel Cake with Caramelized Butter Frosting in November 2008; the complicated-but-worth-it buche de noel in December 2008; the Tuile cookies that didn’t quite work in January 2009; the crazy-rich chocolate Valentino in February 2009; a fantastic cheesecake in April 2009; Apple strudel in May 2009; and a terrible Bakewell tart in June 2009. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but it looks like the Bakewell tart was so terrible it made me not want to participate for the next two years.

That’s a pretty awful tart.

Once I recovered from the Bakewell, I made: Biscuits in January 2012; Dutch crunch rolls in March 2012 (and I put bacon and avocado on them, which was a good idea); a dreadful Battenburg cake in June 2012; some cream puffs so good I couldn’t believe I’d made them in August 2012; and an enormous empanada in September 2012.

And then there was another Challenge Drought from October 2012 until this month, when I finally did another challenge. (Tune in for that post on Saturday, because that’s the Official Daring Bakers Challenge Posting Day.)

After I made this month’s challenge recipe, I started to wonder about all of the months I hadn’t participated. So I looked them all up, and then I decided I’m going to retroactively participate in a few of them. Which means that I’ll make the things and post about them here at my leisure. We’ll call it the Terribly Tardy Bakers Challenge. Or something.

I’m aiming to finish around 2021. And here are the things I’m going to make:

  1. Dobos torte
  2. Macarons (Done! And written about at “For some reason I keep singing “macaron” to the tune of Bush’s hit tune “Glycerine.”)
  3. Cannoli
  4. Tiramisu
  5. Piece Montee (Croquembouche)
  6. Baked Alaska or ice cream petit fours
  7. Chocolate Marquise
  8. Baklava with homemade phyllo
  9. Mille Feuille

Would any of you care to join me? Either for the making-and-then-writing-about-it part or for the eating part. Either or both is fine with me!

4 thoughts on “The Terribly Tardy Bakers Challenge”

  1. What a cool challenge! But living alone, I fear the horrible outcome of all that baking and eating for/by one person! Could prove lethal. LOL! Can’t wait to follow along and drool through my screen.

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