A celebrity, a chef and a novelty cookbook

My dream kitchen would have a goodly sized pantry, an island or a nook with seating and some bookshelves. Because I have a problem, and it is hoarding cookbooks.

(I have other problems, too, but today we’re focusing on cookbooks.)

I never paid much attention to what was going on in the kitchen when I was growing up, so I had no idea how to cook once I moved out. I made a lot of ramen noodles and George Foreman chicken at first, and when we got tired of that I started perusing cookbooks.

I don’t rely on cookbooks as much as I used to, but I still love to read them for fun. I usually check them out from the library rather than buying them, because the cookbook section of my bookshelf is solidly packed. A trio of new ones have joined my collection in the last month, though, forcing me to cull the herd a little to make room for them.

My sister-in-law gave me Chef Katie Button’s Curate cookbook for my birthday. It’s Spanish food slightly tweaked for American kitchens, and it’s a little bit intimidating. I haven’t tried anything from it yet, but I’ll get back to you if I get brave enough to dive into it.

I also haven’t tried anything from Kristi Carlson’s “Eat Like a Gilmore,” which somehow leapt into my metaphorical shopping cart when I was wandering around Barnes & Noble. I may never try anything from it at all, but I’m glad I bought it because I love “Gilmore Girls” enough to at least consider trying Founders Day Punch or Sookie’s risotto.

Freddie Prinze Jr's "Back to the Kitchen"I have, however, tried a couple of recipe from Freddie Prinze Jr.’s “Back to the Kitchen, which I didn’t even know existed until I got an email from Type-A Parent announcing that Freddie would be making an appearance at their conference in Orlando. I was going to the conference, so I threw my name into the hat of folks hoping to attend his cooking demo. I got into the demo, and I laughed at the weird, funny experiences that this blogging thing has thrown my way.

Freddie was charming and handsome, and he seemed to know what he was talking about when he was cooking. But I was still a little hesitant, because it’s a celebrity cookbook and sometimes they’re not so great. (I’m looking at you, Coolio.) I looked through the book, and a couple of things caught my eye. I made his Carne Asada Tacos when we got home, and I was convinced. Freddie Prinze Jr. writes a solid cookbook. I was going to plan a Freddie Prinze Jr. Thanksgiving Meal, but then my sister-in-law volunteered to do all the work so I shelved that plan for next year.

What’s your favorite cookbook?

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  1. My Betty Crocker Complete cookbook. It was a wedding gift I cannot live without 11+ years later.

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