This week in homeschooling: Fun places to visit in Philadelphia with your kids

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Rockford was working in Philadelphia for a few days last weekend and early this week. The kids and I had never been to Philadelphia and Rockford’s sister lives there, so a few months ago we decided we’d go along with him.

Our hotel (Hilton Garden Inn Center City; great location & very friendly and helpful staff) was right next to the Reading Terminal Market — I recommend a blend of bread-and-butter and hot pickles from Beillers and the Grilled Mozzarella sandwich from MeltKraft — and just a 15-minute walk from what the kids called the “boring history stuff.”

The Philadelphia CityPass covered the Adventure Aquarium; either the National Constitution Center or the zoo; the Please Touch Children’s Museum or the Eastern State Penitentiary; the Franklin Institute; and a trolley tour. All of the sites were on our to-see list, so we decided to spring for the passes. We ended up only using four of the five tickets — the trolley tour didn’t seem like a good fit for us — but I think it was a good purchase anyway.
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One Day

Every year Laura at Hollywood Housewife hosts something she calls One Day, in which people all over the world post pictures of their activities on instagram. I’m the kind of person who appreciates it when people leave their curtains open at night so I can peek in (in a totally non-creepy way, of course) as I drive past, so One Day is right up my alley. I don’t normally leave my curtains open at home — did you know there are weirdos out there who peek in your windows while they’re driving past? — but I did participate in One Day this year. Here’s a little of what we did yesterday:

I feel asleep not long after the cake and the baseball. How was your day?

Menu Plan Monday and the return of the Sloppy Joe

On Friday some friends came over and we listened to Dean Martin and his ilk (thanks Pandora) and talked about our day and ate spaghetti and meatballs, warm bread, fancy salad and a variety of fudge on the back porch — by candlelight because we discovered belatedly that the lightbulbs outside had all gone out. The kids ran around until it got so dark that we couldn’t see them, and then they ran around for awhile longer before we sent them inside. Our first Friday Night Meatball dinner was lovely. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

The rest of the weekend featured a couple of soccer games, more beautiful weather, some planning for today’s co-op class and a couple of trips to Target. Not so shabby.

We’ll be having meatball subs for lunch a few times this week; Rockford’s not too upset about that. Here’s what we’ll be having for dinner:

Monday: Poppyseed chicken casserole
We were supposed to have this last Thursday, but I think we ended up going out instead.

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes
I believe we’re expecting some Sloppy Joe weather this week.

Wednesday: Festival of Leftovers
Will there still be meatballs?!?! Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion. (I probably/possibly will not actually update you on the meatballs again next week.)

Thursday: Pizza
Well, we’ll be ordering pizza for Pete and Poppy and the in-laws. Rockford and I will probably be eating at Subway before our 19th Wilco concert.

Friday: Out

I’m linking this up with’s weekly Menu Plan Monday thing.