6 things to consider as your feline ages

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Yesterday I was looking over the very fabulous lists of Christmas music at SimpleMom.net, and just as I was about to click away something in the sidebar caught my eye. It was a link to a post called “What to Do with Old Cards and Letters,” but in that millisecond before I clicked away, what I thought it said was What to Do with Old Cats.

Here is a scientific fact: Cats age. Considering that 33% of US households include a cat, it would be helpful to know just what to do with one’s cat once it joins the senior citizen segment of the population. And though the ladies at SimpleMom have covered nearly every other topic, they have not yet covered What to Do with Old Cats. So I thought I would cover it for them. (And for you, of course. But they can syndicate it if they’d like, for the low-low and very negotiable price of $3.4 million.)

And so this brings us to what I hope will be a very helpful list.

What to Do with Old Cats
Winterize your home.

Freshen up your “look.”

Promote your business.

Be more organized.

Never lose your page again!

Winterize yourself.

I hope you’ve found this foray into feline care helpful and informative. In the event that you’re looking for real information, please see The Special Needs of the Senior Cat by the Cornell Feline Health Center.

Let’s talk about Facebook

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I found this on Perry Mason’s Timeline, back when Facebook first introduced that little wonderment. Watch out, indeed, for I shall “Like” your updates and share fascinating dog videos with you.

If this weren’t November, I probably wouldn’t have shared this with you. Alas.

Let’s talk about Facebook.

I joined Facebook on June 4, 2008, because my friend Jeni said we could play Scrabble there. I did nothing with Facebook but play Scrabble until July 29, 2008, when I finally posted a status update. It was about the weather. Because I am infinitely fascinating.

I still play a lot of Scrabble on Facebook, mostly with my Dad, who also joined Facebook to play Scrabble. I lay 75 percent of the blame for my pathetic Scrabble record at his feet.

I know a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but I’m pretty much an unwavering fan. It has issues, sure, but without Facebook I wouldn’t feel as close to my friends and family. Sure, I probably could’ve gone without knowing that my young cousin has a crush on every girl in his school. But at least it’ll give him something to razz him about the next time I see him.

Why did you join Facebook?