That’s what she said she wanted

I finished NaBloPoMo!Can you believe it’s December tomorrow? I can’t. Even though we do have our Christmas decorations up. It feels like it ought to be late October. Anyway, with December comes the end of National Blog Posting Month, which could mean things will be quiet around here for a few days. Or maybe not. I do have Important Things on the horizon, like Christmas shopping and buying my mom a new toilet seat for her birthday.

Do they put turkeys on clearance after Thanksgiving?

NaBloPoMo 2010We didn’t host Thanksgiving this year, so I don’t have any turkey to deal with this week! I don’t know how my turkey-loving husband feels about that, but I’m pretty pleased. Although if we did have leftover turkey, it probably would’ve become a turkey pot pie. Maybe I’m going to have to make a turkey after all.

Monday: Pizza

Our local cheap-grocery emporium had pizza crusts this week, so we picked up a few for an EZ dinner. I’m thinking about just making everyday pizza day. It’s one of the few things that everyone here likes. Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday: Eggs & veggie sausages

I wonder how many eggs my children have eaten in the last six months. I’m guessing the answer is A Billion, because we seem to have this every week.

Wednesday: Scalloped chicken and potatoes

Boxes of scalloped potatoes were on sale this week, so I bought some. (Also: I love them and probably would’ve gotten them even if they hadn’t been on sale.)

Thursday: Spaghetti

This is another thing my whole family likes, especially if I give them garlic bread, too.

Friday: Pizza

I didn’t officially write this down on the menu, but I have a hunch that it’ll be pizza Friday again this week.

Avoiding that which I should be doing

All Things Fadra: Stream of Conscious Sunday

So right now I should be making a grocery list. Instead, I’m doing this stream-of-conscious writing thing. The kids are upstairs napping and/or having quiet time, there’s football on the TV, the dishwasher’s NaBloPoMo 2010running and there’s talk of putting up the Christmas tree later today. We’re not actually going to be home on Christmas this year — attn thieves: don’t bother stopping by. nothing worth lifting here, unless you’re into large stores of stale cereal and 10-year-old, 27-inch televisions. — so we’re putting up the small faux tree again. I don’t mind that so much (I say now; I’ll probably mind once it’s up), but I would like to go out to the Christmas tree farm again this year and get a wreath, at least. It’s a rare year when we actually are home on Christmas, so I’m not sure why not being here is precluding the live tree. Maybe I just don’t want to spend the money on it.

Is it like that, in your family, where some people are the hosts and the rest are the hosted? Our house is a fine size for the four of us, but it does get crowded when we try to have a lot of people over. Particularly if they’re staying the night, which is usually required for our family gatherings since neither my family nor Rockford’s live in our town. I’d love to have a guest room or something some day, but for now the guests either sleep in Poppy’s room (and she sleeps in ours) or in the living room, on the futon. So we usually go to someone else’s house, where they’re better equipped to have sleepovers.

(And the futon? That’s another issue altogether. Another thing on the list of Things I’d Like Some Day: Some grownup furniture.)

I really ought to get to that grocery list.