Music videos

Tracey posted this video of the Young at Heart Chorus at MamaPop, and it made me cry.

And this one’s for Rockford. I found it when I was searching for more Young At Heart videos. I think Rockford was born loving Neil Young. For a long time — in high school, mostly — I thought that was strange. But then (thanks mostly to alot of Rockford mix tapes), I got it. Neil Young’s a wonderful song writer. He may not have the most melodious voice, but it’s passionate, and that means alot.

I see you, December!

There it is! On the horizon! Only 24 hours away! December!

We’re heading north tomorrow in search of rain and a chance of snow, and I’m going to take a few days off from the bloggin’. I have a feeling the World of Blogs might be pretty quiet for the next week or so. At least, the World of NaBloPoMo-ers.

So happy November 30 to you. I’m going to bed now. Night-night.