There’s a fine line between ritual and habitual

I had a plan for last week’s 52Frames theme. The theme was Ritual, and I was going to take a picture of Rockford and I watching “Saturday Night Live.” It certainly isn’t a ritual in the Merriam-Webster sense — there’s neither ceremony nor religious rite involved — but it’s something we’ve done most every Saturday night since Poppy was born. But I couldn’t get the picture to come out the way I’d envisioned it. The light was weird and my arm looked weird and SNL was a rerun and I was already tired, so I chucked the plan. And when it didn’t pan out on Saturday evening, I figured I’d just be skipping yet another week.

Then I woke up Sunday morning and heard Rockford and Poppy working on their Sunday morning pancakes, and I thought it would be a nice little ritual to capture for posterity.

52Frames, week 11: Ritual “Sunday Morning Pancakes"

52Frames, week 11: Ritual
“Sunday Morning Pancakes”

It’s far too dark — you can barely find Rockford in the picture — so I may try it again this Sunday. I feel like it was a good thing just to get a picture turned in this week, though, lest I slip into the habit of giving up quite so easily.

A menu plan for when the sun finally makes an appearance

The weather this week is supposed to be warm and sunny, so I thought we might try out some fine-weather foods.

Monday: “Take-Out style Sesame Noodles
These are super-simple, and tonight I tried to teach Poppy how to make them. She lost interest and wandered away before they were finished, but everyone ate the noodles even though they were on the spicy side.
Tuesday: Coconut curry chicken
I bought a jar of sauce for this, so it too shall be super-simple.
Wednesday: Blackened trout
My favorite restaurant in Columbia MO used to serve blackened redfish, and it was the greatest. I don’t think I’ve tried to blacken anything myself, and I’ve also never made trout. So much room for disaster!
Thursday: Cheeseburgers
I keep putting cheeseburgers on the menu, and then we keep not having them. Poor Petey.
Friday: ???
I think Poppy will be going out on the town with her Grandma on Friday, and Rockford will be at a basketball game. I’m not sure what Pete and I will be doing, but I know he’ll want cheeseburgers again.

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The sort of menu plan I make when I’m congested

Poppy and I caught Pete’s cold, and today is the first day of co-op. This is not the best timing.

In happier news, we had a great meal for Sunday night dinner yesterday. I made Ina Garten’s lemon chicken, roasted some Brussels sprouts and tossed some spaghetti squash with butter, sautéed garlic and salt and pepper. I’d intended to sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese, too, but I grabbed the Italian blend instead. I put it on the squash before I noticed that I’d grabbed the wrong cheese, but it turned out just fine anyway. The full meal was a little work-intensive, but it made for a very pretty plate and I’m told the flavors were excellent.

Monday: Tortellini
This is one of Poppy’s favorite meals, and it’s super-simple. I’m going to walk her through making it tonight so she can add it to her repertoire.
Tuesday: Take out
It’s Kids Eat Free night!
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner
Because it’s probably been two weeks since last I made an omelet. I have to keep my omelet skills on point.
Thursday: Tacos
When I do taco night, it’s a pretty basic affair. When Rockford does taco night, it’s an all-out toppings and accoutrement assault. I like Rockford’s version better.
Friday: Pizza
My favorite pizza place closed for good a few weeks ago, so I’m currently yearning for a Big Green Egg so I can try to replicate their pizzas at home. For this week, though, we’ll probably order a pizza or two.

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