There oughta be a law against being sick on vacation.

We were at my dad’s house last week, and there were a lot of good things about our trip — the kids spent lots of time in the pool; we had an evening at a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game; sizzling rice soup; time with family; catching some Pokemon — but I’m trying to figure out where to apply for a redo of my summer vacation because I was sick all week. We arrived late Friday night, and on Saturday night I had aches and chills and a fever. That turned into a cold, which turned into conjunctivitis in both eyes. We got home this Saturday, and I went straight to bed and stayed there pretty much until this morning. I still don’t feel great, but I can open my eyes now. So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

We are continuing the Summer of So Much this week with a trip to the aquarium for Poppy and a few days at Camp Poppins for Pete. I plan to spend most of the week coughing and applying eyedrops every three hours.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve made a menu plan, and judging by this week’s offerings I am clearly in need to more practice before I get my menu-planning mojo back. Here’s what we’re having for dinner this week:

Monday: Something simple
We’re meeting Rockford’s sister this evening to ship Pete off for a few days at her house. I’m not sure what we’re having for sustenance along the way.

Tuesday: Takeout, maybe?
Pete will be at his cousin’s birthday party, Poppy will be out with her youth group, and Rockford and I will most likely pick up tacos or something.

Wednesday: Ham
Some of our closest, dearest friends are moving 2,200 miles away at the end of the month, and they’re working on clearing out their freezer. So they invited us over for a ham dinner.

Thursday: Pizza
You’d think that after so many days of not cooking, I’d be ready to actually make something one day this week. You’d be wrong, apparently.

Friday: I have no idea
Friday is Pete Retrieval day!

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We’re kicking off the summer with a fancy cheese sandwich

Happy Summer!

This weekend a lady brought a snake to our yard sale and didn’t buy anything, I got a sunburn on my right arm and a bit of my right leg because the sun weaseled in around my shady spot at the pool, and I discovered that the lid to my grill is about to disconnect itself and fall off as I prepared to make fajitas for Father’s Day dinner.

Alas, poor Akorn.
Alas, poor Akorn.
All of which might sound like it wasn’t a good weekend, but it was actually a very nice weekend indeed. The snake lady left quickly, the rest of my person is not sunburned, and I have faith that the Chargriller people will email me back any time now to help me figure out how to fix the grill.

After a nice weekend of playing video games and lounging around at the pool, the children are continuing Operation Busy Summer this week with a half-day church camp. The crew at church is loading the kids into the van every morning and taking them off to a charity organization to spend a few hours volunteering. Today they’ll be working in a garden that provides fresh produce to a local food pantry. Pete wasn’t particularly thrilled about the idea, but he signed on when he found out they’re going to the pool on Friday. And also I told him he could download a Pokemon game if he went without complaining. I’m not proud of resorting to bribery, but there you go.

Here’s what I will not be grilling for dinner this week:

Monday: Grilled cheese
Tonight is Poppy’s Choice night, and she’ll be having the standard-issue American cheese sandwich. The rest of us are going to have something we sampled a few weeks ago at Trader Joe’s. It’s a sandwich with white cheddar, some greens and a little bit of bacon jam. Bacon jam sounds like a disgusting idea, doesn’t it? But it added the perfect sweet-salty note to the sandwich. I don’t know what greens they used, but I’m using spinach because I have some in the fridge.

Tuesday: Fish sticks and mac & cheese
This is never my favorite meal, but fish sticks were on sale and I already had some mac and cheese in the cabinet. There’s a good chance I’ll just have cereal.

Wednesday: Tacos
We can always count on Pete to pick either tacos or cheeseburgers on his night.

Thursday: ???
I ran short of inspiration when I was making the grocery list. I’ll figure this one out later this week.

Friday: Pizza
I’ve been enjoying the meatball parm pizza from the place down the street. We’ll probably order that this week.

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I just realized I never posted this yesterday

Monday: Spaghetti & meatballs
Poppy requested this one. I think she’s just in it for the garlic bread.
Tuesday: Sushi
Our book club is discussing Cynthia Kadohata’s “The Things About Luck,” which is about a young Japanese-American girl and her family. I don’t recall them actually eating any sushi in the book, but sushi sounded more appetizing and season-appropriate than the sandwiches and chili that they do eat.

Wednesday: Southwestern Chopped Salad
I’m going to make The Garden Grazer’s Southwestern Chopped Salad and add a rotesserie chicken to fill out the meal.

Thursday: Sloppy Joes
I have these scheduled to appear on the menu plan every seven weeks, I think.

Friday: Pizza

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