Peer-pressuring our way to Menu Plan Monday

“Mama, did you post every day in November?”


“Have you posted anything in December?”


“You should post something.”

Alright, kiddo. Here’s something.

Saturday was relatively low-key at our house, but we had an action-packed Sunday. Church, Christmas play rehearsals, piano recitals, rearranging our bedroom, a high-speed dash through our favorite local craft show and the usual Sunday night dinner with Rockford’s parents. Today has thus far been blissfully quiet. I’m grateful for the busy times and even more grateful for the peace.

Here’s what we’ll be enjoying for dinner this week:

Monday: Frozen pizza
I think I made need to lay down some guidelines for these “kid’s choice” nights. We’ll also be having salad.

Tuesday: Sausages & macaroni
There was a good sale on Johnsonville sausages at the grocery last week.

Wednesday: Cereal
We will be scattered to the four winds most of Wednesday, and I’m not sure when or where we’ll all be dining.

Thursday: Tacos
It’s Pete’s choice night, and the only food he could think of was that ol’ standby, the taco. I’m fine with that.

Friday: Pizza
Friday is another crazy day for us, but we should be able to reconvene for pizza at some point.

Oh, and hey! I have a Hallmark giveaway that ends today. You should enter!

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NaBloPoMo 2016 comes to a close

And just like that, another National Blog Posting Month is in the books. We celebrated birthdays, and we tried unusual condiments. We talked about how to homeschool, and we talked about what our homeschooling days look like. (We talked about that more than once.) I told you about some of my new cookbooks, and I tried to give you the gift of Mabel’s Labels and some shiny holiday greetings.

Last year I kept on blogging for a good bit of December. Will the NaBloPoMomentum carry me through again this year? Stay tuned…

You don’t have to be a crafter to send a spectacular greeting card.

Hallmark provided product as a giveaway, but no money changed hands in exchange for this post. Nichole just really likes the cards and thought you would, too.

Once upon a time, I was surrounded by people who made beautifully decorated cakes, elegantly lettered scrapbooks and intricately designed greeting cards. And I wanted to be one of them. I aspired to be a Crafter. So I bought a lot of stuff and took a few classes and did a lot of cutting and pasting.

But none of it was ever what I’d envisioned when I started. My fondant flowers were askew. My handwriting was amateurish. My cards were clunky. I went back to being content that my baked goods were delicious, using my computer’s vast array of fonts for my scrapbooking needs and buying my greeting cards from the store.

All of which was well and good. I bake a fine birthday cake. My scrapbooks — not that I’ve actually made one in awhile — looked much better when I made them on the computer. And of course the store-bought sentiments were fine. But compared with those embellished, felted beauties my friends were making? They were a little … flat.

Enter Hallmark and their Signature Collection. Hallmark was at the Type-A Conference this year, and I got a sneak peek at their holiday card offerings. And what I saw was No Ordinary Card. The greetings they’re making now are embellished with all the bells and whistles, and I mean that literally. About the bells, anyway. I didn’t notice any whistles, but I would not be surprised at all if they’re on a card somewhere.

Some of the cards are sweet, some are shiny, some are silly and some even double as an ornament for your Christmas tree. And all of the cards in the Hallmark Signature Holiday Collection are just a little something special.

I think you’re pretty special, too, so I’m hoping you’ll win the trio of cards Hallmark sent me. Enter below!


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