Today’s a Monday masquerading as a Tuesday so here’s a menu plan

There was a time when I would have scoffed at the idea of making a Chrissy Teigen recipe pulled from a Kardashian website. But that time was last year, and this year I’m absolutely making Chrissy’s lettuce wraps because they sound delicious.

Monday: Spaghetti and Meatballs
These were delicious and I might make it our traditional New Year’s Day dish.

Tuesday: Chicken lettuce wraps
Sorry, stodgy old 2017 Nichole. New 2018 Nichole is totally into celebrity cookbooks. I blame Freddie Prinze Jr. If these lettuce wraps are good, I’m buying “Cravings.”

Wednesday: Crispy garlic chicken
I’ve been making this recipe for at least a decade, and never once do I remember to marinate the chicken in time. This was supposed to be tonight’s dinner, but now it’s tomorrow’s.

Thursday: Sandwiches
Either turkey or tuna fish, probably.

Friday: Pizza
Pizza night has gotten a little more complicated, what with my dairy-free life and Pete’s deciding the only pizza he likes is a frozen DiGiorno’s. Pizza Friday might become a monthly thing rather than weekly, which would definitely be healthier for all of us anyway.

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  1. I usually have something that requires marinating and it always becomes the last meal on the menu. Were the lettuce wraps any good?

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