This week in homeschooling: More gingerbread.

This has felt like an unnaturally long week. I overslept today, and since the kids had so much other stuff going on I decided that we’d take today off. Here’s a bit of what the kids did this week:


Some day, in the far and distant future, we may finish listening to “Little Women.” This week we found that coloring whilst listening helps the time go a bit faster. I colored a peacock:


We also started reading a biography of Thomas Edison, to go along with our history studies.


After a minor blow-up over math last week, Poppy and I decided she should take a break from her regular curriculum. She is working on a Khan Academy program for now.


This week the kids learned about a couple of moves toward modernization in American history. Namely, they talked about the transcontinental railroad and Thomas Edison’s progress on electricity. Their textbook didn’t mention Nikola Tesla, but we talked a bit about him anyway.


Today marks the end of our gingerbread saga, which took up a good bit of our energy again today. The original plan quite literally fell apart, so the kids ended up doing a traditional gingerbread village instead.


How was your week?

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2 thoughts on “This week in homeschooling: More gingerbread.”

  1. I love that peacock. I enjoy coloring but rarely have time for it. We have yet to make our gingerbread houses this year but your post reminded me I need to start stocking up on supplies for that.

  2. When I homeschooled my twins I found that their attention and comprehension, surprisingly, was increased when they were drawing while I read aloud, even if I read for an hour. For them time flew by.

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