Things to do by 2018

Maggie of Mighty Girl is making a list of “100 Things to Do Before I Go” (part one, part two, part three). She has some pretty lofty stuff on there, like “know basic Mandarin,” “safari in Africa” and “stay in the ice hotel.”

When I first saw her list, I decided that I didn’t want to make one of my own. I like to be able to cross things off my lists, and I didn’t want to have a list full of things like “See the Kremlin” or “Visit Petra,” “learn to fly” or “have Jeff Tweedy over for dinner.” I also didn’t much like the thought of coming up with 100 things to do. But then I thought, “Heck. It’s my list. Think smaller!”

So instead, here’s a list of 20 things to do before Nov. 4, 2018. On which date I’ll turn 40.

    1. Make my own cream soda. (Done! And then I couldn’t stop doing it for awhile, because it was so delicious.)
    2. Spend a week in Paris with Rockford.
    3. See Wilco at the Ryman.
    4. See Wilco in Chicago.
    5. Make a quilt.
    6. Spend a night on a train. (It wasn’t an overnight trip, but it was 11 hours long. And I did fall asleep for a bit.)
    7. Spend a week in NYC with Rockford.
    8. Karaoke.
    9. Pay for a stranger’s dinner.
    10. Buy a house.
    11. Be an extra in a movie. (A Wes Anderson movie, if I’m dreaming big. Which I’m not supposed to be doing.)
    12. Make a wedding cake.
    13. Work on a Habitat house.
    14. Take the White House tour.
    15. Grow my own vegetables.
    16. Participate in TV Turnoff week without cheating.
    17. Lose 30 pounds.
    18. Write a short story. Let someone other than Rockford read it.
    19. Build and furnish a dollhouse.
    20. Go somewhere tropical and lovely. Relax.

Do you have a life list, or a 10-year list, or anything like it? What’s on it? What have you already crossed off?

10 thoughts on “Things to do by 2018”

  1. I don’t have a list…I think if I made one I’d either get depressed or feel some anxiety about what I have not done yet. But then again, it might be good for me….

    I like your list! …and I’d like to see Wilco too!

  2. I think this is a great list. And you should totally invite Jeff Tweedy over for dinner…or did you already do that once?

  3. Nichole! I can’t believe Dan and I did one thing on your list last week…we saw Wilco at the Ryman, and it was crazy. Jeff Tweedy wore this “Porter Wagoner” suit with sequins and everything. A bunch of celebs were there, too. I swear Dan and I saw Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek at dinner before the show!

  4. Ooohhh! I love this! I’m going to do one. I LOVE the idea of paying for a stranger’s dinner, that’d be great! Nice to meet you Nichole 🙂

  5. I love your list — I’d love to make one — have been thinking about it for a while. Maybe I will now! Except mine would have various vocations on it — weird, I know.

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