The return of the great big list o’ dreams

Back when 2018 seemed like a lot of years away, I wrote down a rather short Mighty List. The general idea — which sprang forth from the mind of Maggie and has for her turned into a mammoth and awe-inspiring thing — is that you should dream big (and little) and write down those dreams, and that that action will be a step in getting you closer to achieving your dreams and goals.

So, did my list help me achieve my goals? Well. I did make my own cream soda, and it was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I’m pretty sure it interfered with the “lose 30 pounds” goal. I think I’ve left some of those original goals behind, too. I no longer have much interest in building a dollhouse, for example, and I don’t really have the desire to make a wedding cake. I tried to make a quilt a few years ago, but it was so maddeningly frustrating that I threw that goal out altogether. Other things remain on my list. I came awfully close to getting to see Wilco at the Ryman this year, but my plans were foiled by the show selling out so quickly. (I was in the online waiting room for 20 minutes before they went on sale! And I still didn’t get tickets! I remain somewhat bitter about that!) I’ve been to Washington DC since 2008, yet I forgot to reserve my spot for a White House tour in time.

The point is that it looks like I’ve made very little progress on my list, and to be quite honest I haven’t been pursuing it, really. What with Camp Mighty on the horizon, I keep seeing other people chipping away at their lists and doing marvelous things and writing wonderful new lists, and after reading Leslie’s Life List at, I finally decided to update mine. Her list is divided into categories, and I liked the idea so much that I decided to borrow it (along with a few of her goals. and other people’s goals, also.).

And thus was born Nichole’s Mighty List v2.0. (It’s getting pretty long, so I gave it it’s own page.) Have you made a “life list” or anything like one? And if you’d like to help me accomplish any of my goals, please let me know!

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  1. You haven’t seen Braveheart or Schindler’s List? Wow. James hasn’t seen Schindler’s List, either. We’ve been meaning to have him watch it, but it’s hard to set aside the time. “Hey, do you want to watch something graphic and depressing and heart-wrenching tonight? Yeah? Great!”

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