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Sew cute. (Get it!? Ha.)

I’m sharing this with you for two reasons. One, because it is so stinkin’ cute. Two, because I want to make sure I keep the links so I can look at it every now and then and think, “I would really like to make one of those.”

Those what?

A playhouse to fit over a card table! The first one I saw was here. It includes a garden and an apple tree and all manner of cute cutenesses. Here are two others with crazily adorable adornments.

That is all.

Thoroughly annoyed

I’ve been working on a sewing project, friends, and it is driving me up the wall. Not the project itself, really, but my sewing machine. To be more specific: my lack of skill and knowledge regarding said sewing machine. The thread keeps going “thwang!” and snapping and tangling up and I’m ready to chuck this project — and the sewing machine. I’m thinking I need to find a new hobby to persue. Something for which I have a skosh of natural aptitude. Before I do that, though, I might try to sign up for a sewing class.

Until then, I’m going to watch some HGTV. Unless I can figure out how to watch “Project Runway” online.

(I think the “Color Splash” guy was shopping at TJ Maxx. Awesome.)

This was only slightly more interesting as it happened.

In a moment of daring and great self-confidence, I bought this pattern last fall, thinking that I would breezily make several of them to outfit Poppy for the spring.

I unfolded the pattern yesterday and looked it over. Then I cut out the pieces, folded them up, set them aside and went off to have a bowl of ice cream and a good chuckle at the expense of Daring Nichole. She’s so delusional.

Oh, but that’s not the end! I pulled everything back out today and tried to sew! First I made a crooked denim tube. Then I threw it in the floor and cut out the “yoke” pieces again. And it worked! (More or less.) And then I got confused! And I think I attached it the wrong way! So I stopped!

Now the parts are folded up again. And so they shall remain until my mother-in-law comes over to help me.