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NaBloPoMo No Mo’

Alas, poor November, we documented it well.

We were a little sappy about Poppy and Pete.

We reminisced about the small traumas of childhood, both Grandma-induced and borne of our own weird imaginings.

We also, of course, talked a lot about food, from pot roast to pork loin.

We went on a photographic tour of our day, and we discussed what the future of “Stranger Things” might hold.

It’s been hard to kick the daily blogging habit after National Blog Posting Month in past Decembers. We’ll see if that stands true this year or if I drop it like a hot rock. Either way, thank you for joining me on my annual 30-days-of-blogging adventure. It’s been a good and wordy month.

NaBloPoMo 2016 comes to a close

And just like that, another National Blog Posting Month is in the books. We celebrated birthdays, and we tried unusual condiments. We talked about how to homeschool, and we talked about what our homeschooling days look like. (We talked about that more than once.) I told you about some of my new cookbooks, and I tried to give you the gift of Mabel’s Labels and some shiny holiday greetings.

Last year I kept on blogging for a good bit of December. Will the NaBloPoMomentum carry me through again this year? Stay tuned…