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A menu plan after an unexpected and rather lengthy hiatus

I made Midwest Living’s Super Simple Peachy Barbecue Chicken and Well Plated Caprese Pasta Salad for Sunday Night Dinner this week. It was a very low-effort and pretty inexpensive way to feed a crowd, and both recipes were quite well received. I’m adding both to our regular Sunday rotation.

Here’s what we’ll be enjoying the rest of the week:

Monday: Fish sticks and mac and something else for me
The kids love fish sticks and macaroni night, and I do not love it at all. So I’m going to roast some shrimp and put it on a salad for myself.

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner
Eggs, toast, veggie sausages and fruit salad.

Wednesday: Sandwiches
Poppy will have grilled cheese. Pete has requested a microwaved ham and mustard. We aim to please.

Thursday: Tacos
The kids are having friends over on Thursday. The last time Pete’s friend was here for dinner, we were all in awe of how many tacos he put away. We’re going to see if he does it again.

Friday: Beef and broccoli
I’ve been missing pizza night quite a bit since giving up dairy. Hopefully a delicious plate of beef and broccoli will help dull the pain.

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I miss cheese

Hey Nichole, where’ve you been?
Mostly in the car. These kids with their activities, you know?

But why haven’t you been writing anything?
I think I lost my mojo a month or so ago, and I still haven’t found it. But Poppy tells me I should write something, so here we are.

What’s new?
I’ve spent a good amount of time recently trying to figure out what Pete and I can and can’t eat. We’ve both been having some stomach issues, and I’ve been having headaches and dry, itchy spots on my limbs. So we’re doing an elimination diet to try to figure out if my favorite foods — bread and cheese — are doing us wrong. It seems to be working. I haven’t had as many headaches, both of us have had fewer stomachaches, and I had a pretty bad Day 11 after eating some bread and cheese on Day 10. (I know 10 days isn’t long enough, but we had a special occasion.)

We’re trying to eliminate wheat/gluten and most dairy. I say “most” because I’m still cooking with butter. I’ve only struggled with it a couple of times, mostly when confronted with pizza or naan. I can’t figure out which item I’d prefer to be causing the problem, but I’m very much hoping it isn’t both of them.

Monday: Soy-Scallion Flank Steak
I didn’t use gluten-free soy sauce in this marinade. Hopefully that doesn’t do us in.

Tuesday: Balsamic chicken
I’ve been making this for awhile, since my father-in-law changed his diet for health reasons. It’s delicious.

Wednesday: Barbacoa tacos
We’re going to serve this with corn tortillas, and I already know I’m going to miss the sour cream and cheese. I’m hoping copious amounts of avocado will help.

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner
I have a meeting, so Rockford will be manning the pancake (and gluten-free waffle) station.

Friday: Pork tenderloin
I haven’t decided how I’m going to do this yet, but I’m leaning toward putting it on the grill.

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Why I’ve been posting our weekly menu for almost a decade

Welcome to the first Menu Plan Monday of NaBloPoMo 2016! I’ve been planning our menu a week at a time for almost 15 years, and I’ve posted 89 pages of Menu Plan Monday posts here since 2007, which may lead you to wonder why I sometimes struggle to figure out what to put on said menu plan when I sit down to put it together. That struggle to remember what meals we’ve enjoyed is one of the reasons I keep writing these posts. It’s great to have them to reference when I’m stuck for ideas.

Planning our meals 7 days at a time also helps with our budget, because having a grocery list keeps us from making too many impulse buys. I used to pore over local grocery store sales ads when I made the menu plan, which really maximized the budget. I haven’t taken the time to do that lately, but I do occasionally swap things out on the fly if there’s a good sale going on. I also try to take advantage of things such as the Buy Two, Get Three Free sales that Harris Teeter frequently offers (see: ““How Far Will $64 Go at Harris Teeter”) to stash meats and veggies away in the freezer for leaner days.

Our family is in a very busy season right now, so our meals are mostly things that are very simple and quick to put together these days. Here’s what we’re having this week:

Monday: Tacos
Pete wanted to go to his favorite taco spot for dinner tonight, and it’s his birthday so that’s what we’re gonna do.

Tuesday: Thai Chicken Curry Soup
This is the first dish that caught my eye from Freddie Prinze Jr.’s “Back to the Kitchen.” It was too hot here to make it last week, but it should be cool enough for soup this week. I love Thai curries, so I’m pretty excited about this one.

Wednesday: ???
Rockford and I are going out for the evening. My in-laws and He Who Would Be The Brother-in-Law will be at home dining with the children.

Thursday: Quesadillas
Like tacos, but flat.

Friday: Probably cheeseburgers

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