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Menu plan Monday lightens up

Menu Plan Monday logoWe’ve gotten far, far off track in our effort to eat healthier foods. I won’t tell Rockford’s tale, but I can tell you that I’ve gained 10 pounds since Pete was born. So this isn’t baby weight we’re dealing with here. It’s cookie weight. And pie weight. And other-delicious-foods weight. On the way home from our vacation, which involved quite a bit of time in bathing suits, we decided we’d better get back on track.

Monday: Honey Pecan Chicken. This doesn’t meet the “better for us” requirements, but I had one last package of it in the freezer.

Tuesday: Dinner with the in-laws

Wednesday: Sesame Orange Chicken. This is a new-to-us dish from Cooking Light.

Thursday: Sweet and Sour Tofu.

Friday: Three-Pepper Beef. This is another new one from Cooking Light.

An end to the catering. I hope.

Menu Plan Monday logoYou know those parents who make their kids their own, separate meals for dinner? That was one of the many, many things Rockford and I swore we’d never do once we had kids.

(You know what’s coming, right?)

We’ve developed the habit of making Poppy a peanut butter sandwich or pancake or something else we know she’ll eat for dinner. It makes things easier in that moment, but I know we aren’t doing her any favors by catering to her like that.

So this week I’m trying to make things that I think she’ll enjoy if she’ll try them. And if she won’t eat what’s on her plate? She won’t have dinner. Wish me luck. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long week.

Monday: Samosas and rice. I haven’t tried samosas before. This recipe uses mashed potatoes, which Poppy loves. It also includes green peas, though. We shall see. If nothing else, I know Pi will eat rice.

Tuesday: Ricotta gnocchi. This is also a new recipe for us, but it’s mostly cheese. And cheese is always popular around here. I think we ought to be OK on this one.

Wednesday: Sweet and sour chicken and rice. Again, rice is on Poppy’s will-eat list. So she won’t be going entirely hungry if she doesn’t try the chicken.

Thursday: Bean quesadillas. Poppy loves cheese quesadillas. I’m going to puree the beans and put a very thin layer in her dinner.

Friday: Spaghetti. This is a “usually” dish. She hasn’t had it with sauce before, though.