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What we’re eating as the snow melts

I am always pleased to have a Saturday totally free of obligations on the schedule, so I was already looking forward to last weekend. And then the weather folk said “You’re going to get a light dusting of snow!” and I was pleased because I like a light dusting of snow.” Then they said “You’re going to get 2-4 inches of snow!” and I was OK with that because the kids like to tromp around in a bit of snow.” And Thursday night they said, “Uh, you’re going to get a lot of snow. Like, 8 inches maybe? Or 12? We have no idea, really. Just get some bread and milk and plan to stay home.” And I was back to being thrilled because (a) Rockford managed to get home from Minneapolis just before the storm hit and (b) I love planning to stay home.

So we had a cold, stay-at-home weekend, with a good number of snowball fights and several naps while binge-watching “The Crown” and one nice-sized snowman, and we ended up with just over 10 inches of snow.

Monday: Hawaiian Meatballs
“What was that thing you used to make with green peppers and pineapple?” Rockford asked.

“Ummmmmmm,” I said. “Sounds like it could be a sweet-and-sour something?”

“No,” he said. “I think it was meatballs.”

And so it was. I last made this Pioneer Woman recipe something like 4 years ago.

Tuesday: Pizza, perhaps

Wednesday: Breakfast For Dinner
Last week’s tap-dancing class was equal parts amusing and confusing. I really should practice the steps we attempted to learn before Wednesday so I have some hope of keeping up. Regardless, Rockford will be at home making waffles for the kids.

Thursday: Sandwiches
It’s STAR WARS DAY! So we’ll have some sandwiches before we go see the movie.

Friday: Soy-Glazed Pork
This was overly salty the last time I made it, so this time I’m going to make my own black bean paste so I can cut down on the sodium a bit. I hope it works.

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The first menu plan of my 39th year

This weekend was Semi-Annual Birthday Extravaganza, and we had a really lovely time. We rented a cabin with Rockford’s parents, his sister’s family and some of our best friends, and we spent the weekend watching movies and having a series of goofy tournaments.

It was an excellent way to reach Level 39. Speaking of which, here’s my first menu plan of my 39th year. It looks oddly like the menu plans of my 38th year.

Monday: Vegetable Curry
It’s supposed to be pretty rainy here today, so it’ll be nice to come home to a crockpot full of curried goodness.

Tuesday: Poppyseed Chicken
There’s a good bit of dairy in this so I’m not sure what I’m going to eat, but it’s Pete’s 10th birthday and he asked for poppyseed chicken for his birthday dinner.

Wednesday: Leftovers
There will definitely be veggie curry, and there might be poppyseed chicken.

Thursday: Rotisserie chicken and baked sweet potatoes
I had this on the menu a few weeks ago, too, but we didn’t actually have it. We will this week.

Friday: Pizza
I’m not sure if I’ll make myself a dairy-free pizza or just have a salad.

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A menu plan for a drizzly week

I spent the weekend between my brother’s house and their hospital, where they were welcoming my new nephew to the world. He’s tiny and adorable, and we came back home just as he was finding his voice so I’m not certain that he’s very loud but I’m betting he is. Now they’re home and working to settle in to their new normal and we’re home and settling back in to our Normal normal.

Just to prove to myself that my Normal normal is extra mundane, I’ve spent this gray and rainy morning working through the piled-up laundry and filing away printed-out recipes that were clogging the countertop. I found a couple of good ones in there that I’d forgotten about. Hopefully I won’t re-forget them and they’ll make an appearance on our table pretty soon.

This week’s menu, though, I made before excavating the counters. Here’s what we’re having for dinner this week:

Monday: Chicken Tacos
This is meant to be a Freezer Bag meal — you toss all the ingredients in a bag and freeze it and throw it in the CrockPot at your leisure — but I’m skipping the freezer step to try it out for the first time.

Tuesday: Orange Chicken
I have a coupon for a free PF Chang’s At Home meal from the freezer. I hope it’s good.

Wednesday: Undecided
I’m relatively certain I’ll be picking something up on the way home from soccer practice this week.

Thursday: Rotisserie chicken and baked sweet potatoes
Pete loves baked sweet potatoes, but we discovered a few weeks ago that a sweet potato alone left us all hungry shortly after eating. I’m adding some protein this time.

Friday: Chicken Pot Pie
I have yet to decide whether I’m going to try to use a dairy-free alternative for the gravy or if I’ll just go for it with whole milk and hope Lactaid does its thing. Have you ever tried to make a dairy-free gravy?

I just realized that we’re having chicken pretty much every day. I try to vary our proteins a bit more than that, but clearly I didn’t do a good job of that this week.

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