Sorry, Elsa, the cold is starting to bother me after all

Poppy was supposed to start soccer two weeks ago, but we’ve been living in an avant garde Icecapades performance and so she has yet to have practice. The kids haven’t had history or drama for two weeks, either. The public schools have been either closed or on a delay for something like 9 or the last 10 school days. I’m pretty sure we’re all done with winter now, so go ahead and bring on the sunshine Weather Man.

Despite all the ice and snow, my little homeschoolers haven’t gotten a single snow day. We have been operating on a two-hour delay, though, because I haven’t been setting my alarm. Here’s a bit of what we’ve done over the last couple of weeks.

  • We rebooted our Geography study. I’m using “Cantering the Country” and “Trail Guide to US Geography,” and we’re taking it quite slowly.
  • Poppy was having some trouble figuring out the mechanics of multiplying two-digit numbers. She found this video pretty helpful:
  • Poppy finished “Harriet the Spy” and the accompanying literature study, and today we’re watching the movie.
  • Pete is reading a comic-book-style book about the Wright Brothers.
  • Poppy tested for and received her blue belt in tae kwon do.
  • And there was a good deal more, too, but I somehow managed to erase all of the notes I’d made and the computer won’t let me have them back.

    How’ve you been lately?

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    1. The Ice Capades comment cracked me up! Seriously. It’s been SO crazy! I’m stir crazy myself and ready for school to start for us on Monday. Although there’s word on icy rain tomorrow. Wintry mix – no doubt! AHHH!

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