Sew cute. (Get it!? Ha.)

I’m sharing this with you for two reasons. One, because it is so stinkin’ cute. Two, because I want to make sure I keep the links so I can look at it every now and then and think, “I would really like to make one of those.”

Those what?

A playhouse to fit over a card table! The first one I saw was here. It includes a garden and an apple tree and all manner of cute cutenesses. Here are two others with crazily adorable adornments.

That is all.

One thought on “Sew cute. (Get it!? Ha.)”

  1. If I didn’t already have about six craft projects in progress, as well as general household projects, I’d be headed to the store tomorrow to buy stuff to make one. I LOVE the first one. Absolutely fantastic.

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