Seriously, though, when’s the last time our menu plan was complicated?

Three-quarters of our household has been sick for at least one day since Thursday, and not all with the same illness. So it was kind of a weird weekend. I was out of commission for most of it. I’m still coughing and congested, but it’s getting a little better. This week’s menu plan is ultra-simple, though, just in case.

Monday: Honey-Teriyaki Chicken
I’m using a Blue Dragon sauce packet with chicken, carrots and red pepper.

Tuesday: Sweet potato gnocchi
This one caught my eye on a list of Things You Need to Try at Trader Joe’s. I’m going to serve it with a salad.

Wednesday: Sandwiches
Most likely a choice of ham or grilled cheese. Or maybe chicken salad. I haven’t decided yet.

Thursday: Tacos
This is Pete’s pick almost every week.

Friday: Pizza
It’s Pizza and a Movie night! And it’s my turn to pick the movie! I’ve been on a nice run of ’80s movies — “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “ET” were my last two picks. What should we watch this week?

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