The PR & advertising section

Do you accept advertising? does not currently accept advertising.

Can I sponsor a post?

Yes. Please note that Nichole will not publish opinions that are not her own. Contact for rates.

Our company would like to talk to you about a sponsorship. How ’bout it?

Nichole would love to talk to you about sponsorships for conferences! Email and we’ll talk about the possibilities.

Will you review my product?

Please email Nichole at if you would like her to consider an item for review. Note that Nichole generally does not send back review items unless an agreement has been made before the item has been sent. Nichole does not promise a glowing review, but she will give review items fair and honest consideration.

Will you host a giveaway of my product?

Nichole likes doing giveaways, especially of products she’s enthusiastic about. If you’d like Nichole to give away an item, please email her at to work out the details.

Would you like to go to a fabulous event?

Nichole is happy to consider invitations to fabulous events and will probably attend them if her schedule allows it. Please send invitations to Note that Nichole is most likely to attend evening events. And events that involve cheese and crackers.

What are you most interested in?

While might write about anything under the sun, she is most likely to write about products and services in the following areas:

  • Homeschooling
  • Cooking and baking
  • Computers
  • Travel
  • Family-oriented entertainment
  • Gadgets
  • TV

    What if my question wasn’t covered here?

    Please send requests and inquiries to

    This document owes a great debt of gratitude to Amy at Selfish Mom, who wrote the best PR & Ads page Nichole has ever seen.

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