O Christmas Tree

We went out to the Christmas tree farm yesterday to find Poppy’s first Christmas tree. With Perry Mason wielding the saw, we braved the chilly weather to wander the pines. After about 20 minutes of scampering through the lot, Audrey found our tree. Perry Mason cut it down, and Dad hauled it back to the truck.

Rockford and Audrey decorated the tree after we got it home and put it up. I think they did a lovely job.

Does Dan DeLuca want to rumble?

DeLuca, of The Philadelphia Inquirer, says of Wilco’s “Kicking Television: Live In Chicago” …

One of these days, Jeff Tweedy will collapse under the weight of his own self-importance. But not just yet. "Kicking Television" ... will do nothing to harm Wilco's status as the most revered of independent-spirited American rock bands.
Tweedy's forays into experimental noisemaking on his band's recent efforts ... have been overpraised, as if the emotionally limited singer-songwriter was the closest thing this generation has to John Lennon or Kurt Cobain. But while "Kicking" may not be the tour de force of a soul-searching genius, it does document a top-notch band bringing studio creations impressively to life. ...

“Collapse under the weight of his own self-importance”? “Emotionally limited singer-songwriter”? Like the album or don’t like the album (and it seems that DeLuca does like it), but please be kind (or at least polite) to my Mr. Tweedy.

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