"The Chronic-" what?

We finally got to see “The Chronicles of Narnia” this week. It didn’t feel overly long (I’m talking to you, “King Kong”), and for the most part the special effects were really well done. There was only one scene that screamed “blue screen.” But because Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and friends (and foes! indeed!) were so amazing, I can over look that. And Tilda Swinton was a chilling (ha ha! get it?) White Witch. Little Lucy was adorable, and Peter looked pleasantly similar to Prince William. Oh, and Jim Broadbent made a fantastic professor.

Two thumbs up!


Poppy had her first taste of jarred baby food on Wednesday. Like her mother, it appears that she doesn’t care for bananas. She tried to throw herself backward to avoid the banana puree, and she wouldn’t even eat her rice cereal for a few days after the Banana Incident.