Petty grievances

  • I’ve never heard Trace Adkins’ “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” but I hate, Hate, HATE the song’s title. I can’t imagine that I’d feel any differently about the song.
  • I’m already sick of “I can’t quit you” jokes. Have I lost my sense of humor?

    Sars at Tomato Nation is so much better than I am at articulating irritation:

    “Why does every movie not have a story editor whose sole duty is to utter the phrase ‘people don’t talk like that’ until all the unrealistic dialogue is pressed out?”

  • Health update

    Poppy still has her cough but, as you can see, it doesn’t seem to be getting her down. We took her to the doctor today; her lungs and her ears are clear, so the doctor didn’t seem too concerned. We’re supposed to call back Friday if she’s still congested.

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