How I spent my Christmas vacation

My brain. It is zapped. I don’t know what day it is, even. That’s the story of, that’s the glory of vacations, I guess. Particularly vacations that get extended due to snowmageddon.

Here are some things I need to do as we approach 2011:

  • Eat better. I’ve been surviving on Ritz crackers and candy, and my whole self is feeling it.
  • Get ready for winter break’s end. This is the longest break we’ve had in our homeschooling this year, and I need to start getting my act together so it’s easy for Poppy to get hers together once it’s schoolin’ time again.
  • Make my brain pull itself back together. I think all the candy and nonsense is making it atrophy.
  • Speaking of nonsense, my dad really wanted to see “Yogi Bear.” So we went. And the kids loved it, even though it was very, very terrible. They’ve been playing Yogi ever since.

    How to play Yogi Bear:

  • Designate a camper.
  • Give the camper a pic-a-nic basket.
  • Steal the pic-a-nic basket.
  • Run around like a crazy person/bear.
  • Repeat and repeat and repeat.
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