Good mornings

Weekend mornings might be my favorite time of the week. Today being a bonus weekend today makes it that much sweeter. Here’s our routine:

Waking up.
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  1. Poppy wakes up. Some mornings she gives an all-out cry. Sometimes she just stands up and says “Daddy-Daddy-Daddy” or “Mama-Daddy-Mama-Daddy-Mama-Daddy.”
  2. Rockford wakes up to the sound of his little girl calling for him. (Or crying.)
  3. Rockford goes to fetch Poppy.
  4. Marsha takes advantage of the open bedroom door. She leaps onto the bed. If the ting-a-ling of her bell doesn’t wake me up, her whiskers tickling my face certainly will.
  5. Rockford and Poppy come back to the bedroom. Poppy says, “Mama!” and dives for me.
  6. Rockford turns on PBS.
  7. We cuddle and watch a little “Clifford” or “Bearnstain Bears,” depending on how late we slept.
  8. After the show, or whenever Poppy is done with the show, we head downstairs for breakfast.

It’s the perfect way to start the day.

. . . . . the end . . . . .