Get it together with Pear Budget

SimpleMom says she’s found the secret to solving my family’s budgeting problems. It’s an online budgeting service called Pear Budget. Pear Budget was originally one couple’s budget spreadsheet. They posted it online, where it was downloaded a gagillion times. Now they’ve made it into an online business.

I was one of the gagillion people who downloaded their spreadsheet. It was a very nicely designed spreadsheet, but it wasn’t the secret to solving our problems. Because it doesn’t fill out itself, and it doesn’t pop out of your wallet at Target and say, “Hey! That cute little onesie isn’t in your budget this month!”

But maybe you’re more disciplined than I am. If you are, you ought to check out Pear Budget. And guess what? SimpleMom is giving away a lifetime membership. Woo-hoo!