Five huge properties for sale in the United States

One of my favorite pastimes is looking at real estate on the internet. It’s both a hobby and an addiction. I hurt my shoulder raking leaves today, so I’m going to be phoning it in with this, a list of:

Ginormous Houses You Can Buy For Less Than $200,000 in the United States

Cullman, Alabama

1465 Orchard Drive Northeast looks like it needs all the work, but it’s more than 11,000 square feet and it comes with a pool and an indoor fire pit. What even is that? It used to be “The Larkwood Club.” It’s on 4+ acres and includes 85 parking spaces. This would be an excellent location for an expansive hippie compound.

Mobile, Alabama

1004 Government Street also looks like it needs a bit of work, but it’s a 5,700-square-foot beauty that was built in 1896.

Screven, Georgia

The master bedroom at 319 S. Forks Road looks like it might be bigger than my entire house. The 5,284-square-foot house is on 9 acres and looks like a barn, which is only one thing that would make it an excellent place for you if you’re looking for a horse ranch.

Superior, Wisconsin

I have always wanted to live in a church, and 1831 E. 4th Street is amazing. BRB, moving to Wisconsin.

Dakota, Minnesota

You know what else would make an awesome house? An elementary school! Or maybe it would be creepy. How about you buy 220 Golden Rule Road and let me know. It’s 15,200 square feet and includes a gymnasium, and the Mississippi River is right across the road.

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