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Documenting the everyday

Today is #OneDayHH day on instagram. It’s a thing Laura Tremaine, formerly of the Hollywood Housewife blog, came up with a few years ago in which you take pictures of what you’re doing all day long and post them to instagram, kind of like what we all do normally but on a more regular schedule and with a cohesive hashtag.

I love the project, and this is the fifth year I’d done it! In 2014 my day was mostly laundry and schoolwork with the kids, in 2015 we were fighting colds, in 2016 we watched my favorite baseball game of all time, and last year found us homeschooling, going to the library and introducing Poppy to “Stranger Things.”

What will #OneDayHH have in store for us in 2018? Let’s find out!

7am | Everything Old is New Again

9am | Jumping Through Hoops (Someday)

10am | Proud Mama Moment

11am | Pre-algebra

11am bonus | Dad vs. Autumn

noon | on the road

1pm | NaNoWriMo in the Parking Lot

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#amwriting #nanowrimo #inaparkinglot #onedayhh

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4pm | Meow mix

5pm | Dissent is patriotic

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Dissent is patriotic. #OneDayHH #protest #Asheville #protectmueller

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6:30pm | sustenance

7:45pm | Test prep

8:15pm | Blue steel

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A restful moment with #zobristHCat #onedayhh

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9pm | Cake o’clock

10:30pm | Good night, and good luck

Hey hey it’s picture day

Today is #OneDayHH day on instagram. It’s the brainchild of Laura Tremaine of the Hollywood Housewife blog, which isn’t actually a blog any more, but she’s still around and so is her yearly photo hashtag adventure.

The idea of #OneDayHH is that you spend the whole day sharing glimpses into your life, however mundane or exciting they might be. This is the fourth year I’ve participated (2014, 2015, 2016). We’ve eaten out on three-fourths of my #OneDayHH days, and I’ve eaten cake on half of them. That could turn into three-fourths of them, but I don’t anticipate a cake materializing for me before midnight. But a girl can dream.

This year’s #OneDayHH project started earlier than usual, because I’ve been getting up to help Pete get ready for school and weirdly they make those kids start really early.

6:35am | I still haven’t taken them all

Good morning, friends! Good morning, #onedayHH! Good morning, #fishoil and #vitaminD and #loratadine! I woke up with a headache, so I also added an ibuprofen to the mix.

7:20am | Goodbye, gents

Marsha T. Cat and I bid farewell to our gentleman, who were off to work and school. Neither of us are generally as perky in the morning as that ear might suggest, but some geese performed a really tight Flying V maneuver over the house this morning and we were both happy to see it. #winteriscoming

8:20am | Organizational efforts

I was trying to get Poppy’s work for the day ready and get my ducks in a row before heading out, and that was more difficult than normal because I needed to leave early.


I had to leave early to catch a very patriotic Veteran’s Day performance at Pete’s school. The kids did a great job.

11:20am | I love homeschoolers

We crafted haiku at homeschool co-op. We also talked a bit about musicians we like today, and the following conversation made me laugh:

Me: What kind of music do you like?

Child 1: I like Dusty Springfield. And Nina Simone, and James Brown.

Child 2: I like Taylor… what’s her name? Taylor Swift.

Child 1: Who’s that?

1:45pm | #YayFriends

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It was hang-out-with-Rachel time at co-op! #yayfriends

2:40pm | Formidable flora

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I wandered around a parking lot waiting for the eldest to finish her video production class, and I’m thinking it’s probably getting too cold for this guy.

3:45pm | Art in progress

Our friendly neighborhood video store was getting a new mural! Boba Fett was in the works when we stopped in later. I tried to take a better picture, but my phone died just as I was about to take it.

4:57pm | A treat for the Potterheads

After being out for most of the day, I was not amused when I realized that I’d forgotten to take our overdue books back to the library. But when I got there I realized it was the last day there for the librarian with whom Poppy has been volunteering, so I was grateful for the chance to thank her in person for being so good to Poppy. As for the photo: Our library has the first signed US edition of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” — which they won in a contest from Scholastic — and it’s always fun to visit.

5:50pm | Downtime

I’d planned to have roast chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner, but oops I read a book instead of starting it. Sorry fam. Let’s go get some tacos. (The fam was not terribly upset.)

6:30pm | A little spicy

I opted for chicken tortilla soup. 🐔🍲 #soup #dinner #ididnotmakeit #notataco

7:29pm | Insta Blog Inception

Blogging in the gloaming. #nablopomo #onedayhh #instabloginception

8:23pm | Tim Gunn time

Poppy and I like to watch “Project Runway” together. We’re an episode behind, so no spoilers.

9:35pm | Stranger Things

This was a very TV-heavy day for us. All of Poppy’s friends watch “Stranger Things,” and Rockford was thrilled that she finally decided to watch it with him.

9:55pm | A cake manifests

A dream is a wish your heart makes, and a mug full of cake is a wish your tastebuds make. This means 3/4 of the years I’ve participated in #onedayhh have included cake.

11:30pm | Bedtime for Bonzo

And just like that, another fine #OneDayHH is in the books.