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92 days

Poppy is three months old today. Since Oct. 15, she has started rolling over and, sometimes, laughing. She’s a tough crowd, though, so we have to work pretty hard to get a laugh out of her.
She rolled over (tummy to back) for the first time on my birthday. She’s working on rolling back-to-tummy; she hasn’t quite mastered getting her arm out of the way.

Poppy continues to amaze me every day. I look at her sometimes and still can’t believe she’s here and she’s my little girl!


Poppy had her first round of shots today. I had a knot in my stomache all day thinking about it. I imagined she’d be scared and maybe even feel a little betrayed. She did cry a little (I nearly did, too, when the first needle went in and the “ouch” registered on her sweet little face), but I scooped her up and hugged her when they finished, and now she’s her normal cheerful self.

I had a flu shot yesterday, and it’s a little sore. I’d imagine she won’t be quite so contented tomorrow. We did give her a little bit of baby Tylenol, though, so maybe that will head off the soreness.

edited at 10:19pm to add … The baby Tylenol is helping, but once it starts to wear off, she very obviously doesn’t feel well.