A week of EZ foods

"Camp Scene. Cooks at work." photo by Matthew Brady, courtesy National Archives.
“Camp Scene. Cooks at work.” photo by Matthew Brady, courtesy National Archives.
Monday: Monte Cristo sandwiches
Rockford requested “those ham sandwiches named after a duke or something.” It took us a good long time to remember what they were called.

Tuesday: Omelets
We couldn’t let a week go by without omelets, could we?

Wednesday: Fish sticks and mac
It’s Poppy’s kids choice week, which means it’s fish sticks again. Which means I’ll be eating cereal, probably.

Thursday: Chicken marsala
I never made this last week.

Friday: Pizza!
Still the best food.

I’m linking this up with OrgJunkie.com’s weekly Menu Plan Monday thing.

  • Rachel

    Do you fry the Monte Cristo sandwiches? That would be yummy!

    • I used to give them the full French toast treatment, but these days I treat them like grilled cheeses. And they are delicious!