A poem and a menu plan

Pete cleaned his room over the weekend and unearthed a small notebook that used to live in my purse but somehow ended up buried under 6 months’ worth of Legos and socks in his room. In it, I found this gem that he wrote way back in those halcyon days of 2015:

The Ballad of Road Muffin
Road muffin —
you taste so good.
Road muffin —
How could I ever
leave you behind?
Oh road muffin —
How I will miss you
when you’re in my stomach.

I found you on the road
and now you’ve been eaten.
Yes I found you on the road,
and now you’ve been eaten.

I don’t know if this is an autobiographical work or not. I hope he didn’t eat a muffin he found on the road. I also hope that he will eat all of these things I’m making for dinner this week.

Monday: Chicken Tinga tacos

I keep typing “chicken tikka tacos, which is not what I’m making but does sound good. I’m making it with a rotisserie chicken.

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner
There will be bacon.

Wednesday: Maybe McDonald’s
Or maybe something else. We’ll see.

Thursday: Honey soy pork tenderloin
The honey-soy pork tenderloin from Add A Pinch was on last week’s menu, too, but it’s a hard dish to make when you forget to buy the pork tenderloin.

Friday: Frozen pizza
I think I may have exhausted everything I have to say about frozen pizza.

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