A menu plan for the week after Spring Break

We spent Spring Break last week in cold and rainy New York City, and now I have a cold — not the fault of the state of New York; I took it up there with me — and one million pounds of laundry to fold. Why is it always so hard to get back to the real world after vacation?

Here’s what’ll be on our table this week.

Monday: Sandwiches
I might be having soup, because one of the things I brought home from NYC was a cold.

Tuesday: BFD
Note to self: Buy more veggie sausages because the kids have already eaten them all.

Wednesday: Take-out
I’m not sure yet from whence.

Thursday: Quesadillas
I’m not eating cheese anymore, which means it’s been a long time since I’ve had a quesadilla. Someone suggested to me that sweet potato quesadillas might be a delicious alternative, though, so I’m going to try it. The rest of the family will likely be having cheesy ‘dillas.

Friday: Pizza
There are a couple of pizza places near us that we haven’t tried yet, but I don’t know if they have dairy-free options. I’ll just pick up my trusty ol’ Amy’s vegan Margherita if they don’t.

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