A menu plan after a pretty good weekend

This weekend Poppy and I went to our local Women’s March, my sushi bazooka arrived, I took a nap, I witnessed a grown man screaming into his phone in the toilet aisle at the hardware store — “Those disgusting women should Get Over It! He’s the president! Get A Job!” — and I rearranged some of the kitchen cabinets. Despite the angry man, it was a good and productive weekend.

Here’s what we’ll be enjoying for dinner this week:

Monday: Poppyseed chicken
It was Pete’s pick.

Tuesday: Francis Mallmann’s Salt-Crust Chicken
We’ve been watching “Chef’s Table” on Netflix, and every week I try to find a recipe from that week’s featured chef. This week calls for a ton of salt and a very hot oven!

Wednesday: Sandwiches
We’ll be busy, busy, busy on Wednesday, so dinner is going to be easy, easy, easy.

Thursday: Spaghetti

Friday: Pizza
We’ve done frozen pizzas for pizza night a few times recently. I think I’m going to spring for the expensive but wonderful local pizza place this week.

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