A blizzard is not in my plan for this week

I was 14 and my brother was 10 when The Great Blizzard of ’93 hit. We woke up to almost two feet of snow, which is certainly enough to shut down a small town in Western North Carolina.

We didn’t have power or water for two weeks, and we couldn’t get to town for about six days. My brother and I got a little stir crazy and went for a long walk on the empty highway after the first few days, but we didn’t have the wherewithal to hike 7 miles into town. I think we just kicked snow around in the elementary school playground and then headed back home.

We did have a wood stove in the living room, though, and my mom kept it blazing constantly. She used it to melt snow so we’d have water to drink, and she cooked a lot of fried potatoes and eggs in a skillet. I think she tried to make biscuits in it, too, but I don’t remember if it worked.

We also had visitors for a couple of days. My Granny had been calling to check in on some of her friends who lived on our road, and she hadn’t been able to reach one couple. So she called my mom and asked her to check in on them. Mom bundled up and trudged a few miles down the road. She found them huddled up under every blanket they owned. Their electricity was out, too, and they didn’t have a wood stove. They did have a couple of bottles of Wild Turkey, though, and that’s what the lady had been using to keep warm. Mom bundled them up and brought them back to our house to stay for a few days until things thawed out.

That storm was 25 years ago this week, and we have snow in the forecast again today. We’re just expecting a few inches, though, which is good because I don’t think I have any potatoes in the pantry and I know I don’t have a wood stove.

Monday: Breakfast for dinner
Forecast calls for toast and veggie sausages, with a 95 percent chance of soft-boiled eggs.

Tuesday: Chicken piccata
Rockford originally made this week’s menu plan, but it was pretty heavy on eating out and heating things in the microwave. I figured I could cook a real meal at least one night.

Wednesday: Frozen pizza
But not every night, obviously.

Thursday: Tacos
I don’t think I ever really thought about what I’d eat as a grownup, but I think YoungNichole would be surprised at how often OldNichole eats tacos.

Friday: Ordering in
I’m going to pick up dinner from a nearby foodery, and I might not leave the house again until Sunday.

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