The baked cheesecake KitKat taste test

Rockford takes trips to Japan fairly often. Japan has some 200 flavors of KitKat. So it naturally follows that when Rockford comes home from Japan, he comes home with KitKats.

The cheesecake KitKat is meant to be baked before consumption. I expected it to be a little creamy, but it wasn’t at all. It was pretty much just a melty KitKat. It was sweet, with a prevailing flavor of sweetness and sugary undertones.

It was not my favorite.

How to give the best present at the baby shower

Rockford’s mother gave us the little white blanket around the time Poppy was born. It bounced from crib to playpen for a few years, but it didn’t meet its true destiny until 2007. That’s when Pete was born, and his big sister bestowed upon him his Very Favorite Thing of All Things. Pete and White Blankie have been fast friends ever since.

As scientifically proven by Linus Van Pelt, there is little more adorable than a little boy and his favorite blankie. So a few years ago when my brother Perry Mason and his wife told us they were expecting, I set out to find their child’s very own Special Blanket. I searched neither far nor wide, though, because I was already familiar with Erin Glaser’s work.

I contacted Erin about making a custom-made piece for my nephew-to-be, and she was happy to help. My brother is a big fan of the Detroit Tigers, so I asked Erin to incorporate that into the baby quilt. The result is sweet, whimsical and tigery.


Erin has a gift for pulling together colors and patterns in unexpected ways, and I love nearly every quilt in her shop. Looking for something sophisticated? The Modern Baby Quilt, Polka Dot and Woodland Quilt are perfect. Is your baby more Comic-Con than Pottery Barn? Erin’s got you covered from superheroes to Harry Potter to Doctor Who.

I’m saving my pennies for a colorful, modern quilt of my own to snuggle with on my couch.

Check out Out of Character Quilts on etsy! Which one’s your favorite?

(This is not a sponsored post. I just really love her stuff.)

The week after the week after vacation

Isn’t the week after the week after vacation supposed to be when things have gotten back to normal? I still sort of feel like I’m playing catch-up. Perhaps that’s just my regular state-of-being.

Monday: Chicken korma
I’ve had a jar of Patak’s korma curry sauce sitting in the cupboard for awhile now. This particular curry is made with coconut milk, which is all a curry needs to say to talk me into trying it.
Tuesday: Tacos
So of course Pete ran about the house yelling “Oh no, it’s Taco Tuesday!” We may or may not watch “The Lego Movie” whilst eating our tacos.
Wednesday: Maple-glazed salmon
Once a month our friendly local milkman delivers a bottle of chocolate milk and two frozen salmon filets to my front door. I have a two-month salmon backlog in the freezer, so I figured I’d use it before this month’s delivery arrives on Thursday.
Thursday: Cheeseburgers
For the love of Pete.
Saturday: Grilled pizza
We were going to have friends over for Pizza Friday, but they had to reschedule their visit to Saturday. So Pizza Saturday it is.

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