Overheard at my house during Katy Perry’s halftime performance

Pete: “What is that?!?”

Me: “That’s Katy Perry riding a giant metal tiger.”

Pete: “What? This is supposed to be football. Where’d that all go?”

Me: “This is halftime.”

Pete: “Oh. This is a weird halftime. Does that tiger even roar? Oh, I guess it does. Is that a chessboard? What is this?”

Rockford, walking through the door: “What is that? She looks like she’s wearing taped-on flames. Is that Lenny Kravitz? This is weird.”

* * * * *

Rockford: “Land shark!”

Pete: “What is this?”

Rockford: “This must be her hit about summertime.”

* * * * *

Pete: “What is she lip-synching to?”

* * * * *

Poppy: “Why is she wearing that?”

Rockford: “Because she wrote a song about the beach? I don’t know.”

* * * * *

Poppy: “How could someone fit all this into a halftime show? Ha! Look at those people dancing.”

* * * * *

Poppy: “Did she say ‘Tri-state area’?”

Pete: “Or maybe she said ‘Give me a nacho!’ “