Oh so slowly getting back to normal

Hello there, Internet! Let’s see if I remember how to work this blog contraption. We still have large amounts of unpacking to do, but we no longer have overwhelmingly enormous amounts of unpacking to do. Which is good, because I don’t function well when things reach the Overwhelming stage. And it also means that we might be getting back to our regularly scheduled programming pretty soon. Speaking of which, the kitchen stuff is unpacked! So I have to make dinner again, rather than having it catered by our friendly local Sonic. There’s a silver lining to that, but the current lack of lemon-berry slush at my side is making it hard to find.

(Not really. I like cooking and it’s less expensive and my house doesn’t smell like tater tots. All good things.)

Monday: Chicken with Stuffing

I’ll be attending a “new members” meeting of the homeschool co-op we’ve joined for the year, so I thought I’d let Rockford have an easy evening with the kids. We haven’t tried this recipe before, but it sounds warm and comforting. Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday: Grilled sausages with mac ‘n’ cheese

I’m trying to get back to my “themed” menu plans, and Tuesdays are designated Kids Choice. Poppy chose this week, which explains the macaroni and cheese.

Wednesday: Butternut squash ravioli

This was on the menu last week, but I never made it.

Thursday: Tex-Mex Beef Enchiladas

I’d planned to make these before the move, because they’re a freeze-ahead meal. I’d even bought the components! But then I never made it. So the beef will be coming out of the freezer this week, and the enchiladas will be … enchiladed?

Friday: Pizza

Where things stand

We’ve moved everything into the new house, save for a few cleaning materials that I’ll be using at the old house sometime this week.

The kitchen is chaos. The new house has plenty of cabinets, but for some reason I’m a little stymied as to how to organize them.

The kids’ rooms are almost completely set up. Poppy has a few toys yet to put away, and Pete’s clothes aren’t all shelved yet.

There are a few pictures on the walls, but only where there was already something to hang it on.

Our room is in a holding pattern. The bed is set up, but the clothes are here and there. And the boxes that didn’t have a specific destination? Stacked against the bedroom wall.

The garage is a few boxes from impassable.

The basement looks like it came straight from the ’70s. The kids have been working on unpacking the board games, and they’ve done a great job of it.

So, yes. Everything is pretty much wonderful.