I’m working toward an all-grill menu plan


Monday: Grilled chicken.

My sister-in-law makes great, simple grilled chicken. Poppy spent last week at their house, and she actually ate it — after being told that she couldn’t have a brownie if she didn’t. “It was good,” she said, “and it had vitamins in it, and it was good for my body. And it tasted like chicken.” Chloe marinates it in Italian dressing before grilling it, and that’s just what we’re going to do this evening.

Tuesday: Omelets.

Pete ate about a third of my omelet when I made one a few weeks ago, so I know he’ll be happy with this one. Poppy told me awhile back that she wanted to be my “omelet apprentice.” While I’m pretty sure she’ll help with the stirring, I don’t know if she’ll eat an omelet.

Wednesday: Spaghetti.

I ordered a spaghetti dispenser from Tupperware this weekend. It has a built-in “here’s how much to cook” measuring thing, but it won’t be here before Wednesday. Which means I’ll either make way too much or not enough, as usual.

Thursday: Grilled pork sliders.

I never got around to making these last week. If I remember to take the pork out of the freezer, we’ll have them this week.

Friday: Out.


And now we have a playroom!

We went ahead with the plan to move the kids into one room, and so far it’s working out well. Petey took a very long nap in his “big boy bed” yesterday, and they both slept well last night — after a good bit of giggling and small talk. They were up rather early this morning, but Rockford redirected their attentions from our bed to the new playroom. I’m going to get a “here’s when you can get up” clock for their bedroom, because I suspect that they won’t be sleeping in late all that often anymore, what with a little cohort nearby to encourage them to get up and going.

Right now there are four small bookshelves holding the toys and books in the playroom. I have my eye on a few pieces of furniture from Ikea so I can consolidate things a little more. I’m hoping to be able to get the space much more organized by August, when it’s going to be doing double-duty as the playroom and the schoolroom.