Or not. They don’t care.

If I were in the market for a preowned mobile home, I would definitely buy it from Cullman Liquidation Center. Best ad ever.

How many times this week have I said ‘rings’ instead of ‘flies’? Four or so.

I had neither seen the movie nor read William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” before starting my Modern Library 100 project. After reading the first chapter, I said to Rockford — and I don’t think this is a major spoiler — “Well! They didn’t kill the pig. That’s a good thing, right?” And he laughed at me.

“Lord of the Flies” is a nightmarish, horror of a story. I wish I’d read it earlier. Specifically, before I had children. I know (or, rather, I understand via the ever-so-helpful Sparknotes) that this is a lot of allegory. But still. The very thought of those little fellas lost and gorging on fruit and ultimately run amuck in the very worst way just cut me to the core. That said, I was entirely engrossed in the book. The last chapter is one of the most gripping, tense scenes I’ve read.

Treasure hunt book

Have you heard about “The Clock Without a Face“? It’s a book from McSweeney’s that leads to real buried treasure! How cool is that? (Very, superduper cool.)

Putting the ball in her court

Works-for-Me WednesdayPoppy felt much better after her brief battle with pneumonia last week, but she still had to finish out the full 10 days of her antibiotics. She’s a rather stubborn child, and it took a lot of cajoling and crying to get her to take the medicine — until I let her take a little responsibility for it. One morning I got exasperated with her and said, “Fine. I’m going to set the timer for 5 minutes. If you haven’t taken the medicine by then I’m going to have to hold you down and pour it in.” Maybe not the most diplomatic or tender-hearted parenting, but it worked! She took the medicine, and she’s taken it the same way since (sans threats from her mother) with a minimum of complaining. Today, in fact, she took it with no complaining at all.

Tomorrow is the last day of the antibiotics, but I’m planning to continue to give her ownership of her issues. Now I just need to figure out how to make this work for the anti-fruits/veggies problem!

Date Night Nine really was one big holiday

Project 52: Date Nights logo

  • A set of SuperGrandparents.
  • A bit of entirely unscheduled free time.
  • Good friends.
  • Concert tickets.
  • My in-laws had signed on a few months ago to watch the kids for us this past weekend so we could go to a My Morning Jacket show. Then my sister-in-law had an unexpected need for help, for the very same weekend. Her husband was going to be in Haiti on a mission trip, and she had to take one of her four children out of town for an academic awards thing. Rather than dragging everyone along, she’d asked my in-laws to come stay with half of her brood. I was thinking that academics + social service took precedent over my desire to go to a concert, so I volunteered to stay home. But the in-laws just donned their superhero capes and said, “Nope! We’ll just pick the kids up on our way through and take them along.”

    All of this is to say: Rockford and I found ourselves with an unexpected and glorious swath of free time on Thursday evening. We went out for pizza, wandered around the bookstore almost until it closed, took an aimless walk and then went to a movie (“Shutter Island“). It was a spectacular date. But the free time? It wasn’t over! On Friday morning we went to the library and then to Lowe’s, where we bought a new weed whacker. (I know! So much romance!) Then we drove and drove and drove to Mike and Brook’s house, had a great barbecue dinner and then went to the concert.

    After a nice breakfast Saturday morning, we drove and drove and drove some more to my sister-in-law’s house, where we re-entered the world of diapers and fruit snacks and arguing about taking antibiotics. I did miss the kids — really! — but our extended Thursday-Friday date was some of the most relaxing time Rockford and I have spent together in, well, years maybe.